Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Reviews: ProVac FS 6, Hoover Lightweight C2401

A clean and dust free space is always easy on the eyes. But cleaning can be difficult especially when you don’t have the right tools. For those in the cleaning business, choosing the right vacuum that can get the job done is something to really consider. Here are reviews of a couple of backpack vacuums that you might want to check out.

ProVac FS 6

01. ProTeam Backpack Vacuums ProVac FS 6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum with HEPA Media Filtration and Restaurant Tool Kit

If you’re looking for a durable yet lightweight vacuum for your cleaning needs, the ProVac FS6 can be a good choice.

Key Features:

1108-watt 9.5-amp motor:  This powerful 6-quart motor can easily collect dust even for heavy duty usage.

Lightweight:  Weighing about 11.6 pounds, this vacuum is easy to use even in large spaces.

50-foot power cord: You no longer need to keep on unplugging when moving from one space to another.

Professional flexible hose: The long and flexible hose is perfect for cleaning all area, from floor to ceiling to crevices.

Adjustable harness: This backpack vacuum cleaner has a flax-fit harness which can be adjusted to your preference for added comfort.

4 level filtration process: A powerful 4 level filtration process works to ensure total collection of dust and allergens for cleaner air.


  • User-friendly: Packed with all the right accessories that you can easily change, you can be sure you’ll be more efficient in cleaning.
  • Powerful but very quiet: The ProVac FS 6 commercial vacuum is known to be one of the most quiet backpack vacuums but still packs a lot of cleaning power with its 6-quart motor.
  • Very Versatile: Whether it’s food on the carpet or dirt in wall crevices, you’ll have no problem with your cleaning needs as it comes with complete accessories.
  • Perfect for long cleaning hours: Because of its weight and snug adjustable harness design, back strain is lessened perfect for longer hours of cleaning.
  • Promote cleaner air: The advanced 4 stage cleaning of this vacuum, 99.97% of dust and allergens are collected.


  • No indicator: This vacuum has no bag full gauge. It is not so easy to check whether you need to dispose of the dirt captured.
  • Paper Filters: The paper filter used is disposable which means it can be costly changing filters every time you use it.


With minor disadvantages that you can live with, the ProVac FS 6 is a lightweight backpack vac that is easy to use for homes and offices. It’s a good buy for those who are starting their cleaning business.

Lightweight C2401

02. Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum C2401

There are a lot of backpack vacuums on the market today but a rising star in the cleaning industry is the Hoover Lightweight C2401. This small cleaning tool is packed with great features for professional cleaners.

Key Features:

48-foot power cord: The long extension cord of this vacuum is great for uninterrupted cleaning.

Complete accessories: Comes with a 6-inch crevice tool for tight spaces, a 2-inch dusting brush for smoother surfaces, an 11-inch turbo floor tool for dirty floors, and a 4-inch upholstery tool for furniture.

Lightweight: The Hoover C2401 weighs under 10 pounds.

Chiropractor harness design: Created to eliminate back strain during cleaning, the adjustable harness is fit for any body type.

Cartridge filter: This vacuum is designed with a hypercone filter that ensures steady flow without losing suction power. Made with Hepa Media, it can gather up to 99.975 of dust.

Hose lock: Made with good quality hose lock, you can be sure that the tube stays in place for the entire duration of cleaning.


  • Easy to carry: Because it weighs 9.2 pounds, the Hoover Lightweight C2401 is very portable.
  • Less back strain: The waist belt of the harness distributes the weight of the entire vacuum taking away the strain on your lower back.
  • Quiet motor: Perfect for cleaning offices and crowded places, the minimal sound it makes does not disrupt the environment.
  • Cleans the air: It can trap dust mites, allergens, pollen and other debris. This is especially beneficial for families with allergies or asthma.


  • Difficult dirt disposal: The cloth dust bag included in this vacuum is tedious to clean and empty.
  • Paper filter tears easily: When the filter splits and tears dirt can accumulate inside the vacuum canister which is more difficult to maintain.
  • Average suction power: With not much motor power cleaning can be more daunting especially for heavy duty dirt.


The Hoover Lightweight C2401is a good vacuum for small-scale cleaning needs. Might not be recommended much for those in the cleaning industry but can work wonders in homes and light cleaning jobs.