The Best Bagged Vacuums on the Market

If the area of ​​your apartment does not allow you to place a lot of household appliances, then you have to go to various tricks to save space. Vacuum cleaners with vertical parking – the best solution for those who are not only important functionality, but also the compactness of the appliance. In addition, the merits of such vacuum cleaners are stylish design, a combination of basic and additional functions, a long-lasting battery. To get you a good vertical vacuum cleaner, we have compiled a rating of the best models, carefully studying the products of different brands and customer reviews.

Best Bagged Vacuums for Carpet

Bosch BBH 21621

01. Bosch BBH 21621

On the last line of the ranking according to was a vacuum cleaner with vertical parking from the Bosch trademark. It is designed for dry cleaning, combines the functions of a vertical and a manual vacuum cleaner. The dust bag is small: only 0.3 liters, and the battery life is just over half an hour. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to charge the battery – up to 16 hours. The set includes a pair of nozzles (universal and slotted), as well as various filters that can be washed after finishing work. There is a power control and the possibility of remote control.


Perhaps, no rating can not do without the model of this manufacturer. The company «Kitfort» introduced a wireless vacuum cleaner with a “2 in 1”, ie upright vacuum cleaner with a detachable hand-piece. In this model, the battery is more capacious and requires a charge of only 5 hours for an autonomous operation of 30 minutes. The capacity of the dust container is 0.3 liters. There is a basic turbo brush that can rotate 180 ° for more efficient cleaning of different types of surfaces. There is a cyclone filter, so you do not need a dust bag.

Polaris PVCS 0418

In the eighth place is a model Polaris PVCS 0418 with a power consumption of 125 watts.

If you decide to buy a portable vacuum cleaner, but at the same time want to clean in a large room, then you should pay attention to this model.

The capacity of the dust collector here is more – 0.5 liters, the battery is capable of operating for 35-40 minutes, and you will be informed about the maximum filling of the dust collector. There is also a mini-brush for backlighting. This vacuum cleaner can also be used as a manual vacuum cleaner if you remove the portable unit. For convenience of operation the handle bends, gives more maneuverability and allows to penetrate into hard-to-reach places of a premise.


04. ELECTROLUX ERGO11 Ergorapido

The vacuum cleaner has two batteries, but the power can be adjusted with the button on the handle.

The dust collector can hold up to 0.5 liters of dust, the time of continuous battery operation is 35 minutes. The package includes additional innovations, for example, a brush cleaning system, which is very important if you regularly clean the hair of animals. You can also turn on the high speed mode, but this work will last only 12 minutes. A number of nozzles are attached to the wireless vacuum cleaner, for example, electric and slit.