The Best Bagless Vacuums on the Market

Vacuum cleaners with an aqua-filter – a fairly new phenomenon in the world of household appliances. From cyclone aggregates they know, they differ in that dusty air first of all enters the aqua filter. There it is moistened with water, and back comes out clean. And what kind of vacuum cleaners with aqua filter is better? Our 2017-2018 rating will help you understand this issue.

Vacuum cleaner – the technique is familiar and understandable. But what is an aqua filter? Let’s go a little from afar.

Do you remember how easy and pleasant it is to breathe outdoors after heavy rain? This is because microparticles of dirt and dust are partially dissolved in water and are driven to the ground. In the basis of the invention of the “innovative” aquafilter, this technology was put in place. Water in this case is the special dust collector that detains the smallest particles of dust and dissolves dirt.

Are Bagless Vacuums Better?

So, you decided to buy a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter. Which firm? It is best to choose brands that are well established in the market. Which exactly we will consider below. And now we will make a small list of parameters, which should be paid attention when choosing.

Power. Vacuum cleaner is practically the only kind of household appliances, which has 2 power: consumption and suction. A good unit should consume as little as possible and suck in as much as possible.

Dimensions and weight. The vacuum cleaner needs to be stored somewhere and moved around the apartment. So these parameters are very important.

Vertical parking. This function allows you to fix the pipe and brush on the “body” of the unit, thereby making storage more comfortable.

Function of liquid suction. There are models that can collect not only dry debris, but also puddles of water. This, of course, is not necessary, but very nice.

Number of attachments available. The more of them, the better. For example, the presence of a turbo brush will greatly facilitate the life of the owners of shaggy four-legged pets.

The cost. It is very important. Quite often, all the necessary functions have models quite inexpensive.

There are two types of vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter:

  • bubbling;
  • separator.

The first simply “stretches” the dirty air through a reservoir of water. In order to further purify the outlet air at the outlet, another filter type, HEPA, is sometimes installed. The advantage of this vacuum cleaner is that it is relatively compact and weighs not very much. A negative feature of it is that the air is still relatively “dirty”.

The second, also collects garbage in a container filled with water. However, this is not all. Inside the vacuum cleaner there is a special centrifuge. It is at great speed, “spin” dirty water, turning it into almost dust. In the process, the air is cleared much better and faster. A significant disadvantage of the separator vacuum cleaner is its size, as well as noise produced during operation.