The Best Handheld Vacuums on the Market

A modern wireless vacuum cleaner is a compact battery device (for example, a washing vacuum cleaner for a laminate). He gets to the most secluded corners of the house or the car. Basically, wireless models are used for urgent cleaning, but there are already more powerful developments of leading firms, used as basic vacuum cleaners. Before buying a battery option, first determine the tasks that it should solve. Then they compare the best models, studying the rating among vacuum cleaners of this type and reading reviews. If the price is acceptable – it remains only to make a purchase.

By its design, this vacuum cleaner differs from a wired device with smaller dimensions and weight (usually up to 5 kg), the presence of a charging battery and a relatively small power consumption. The engine, a dust collector (a plastic container the size of a glass), the filter is most often located in a single housing.

What’s the Best Handheld Steam Cleaner to Buy

Advantages of bringing order to a portable device: Convenience of moving; Possibility of access to uncomfortable places for cleaning; Low noise operation (according to this indicator, vacuum cleaners with a water filter lose). Disadvantages of the wireless system: in connection with low power, a vacuum cleaner is required for basic cleaning; it is difficult to find service centers; small volume of the dust bag (average 0,5 l); a short period of battery life – although 40 minutes is quite enough to clean in the apartment

Most of them are only applicable for dry cleaning, although the companies Philips, Bosch, Dyson developed and detergent models. On the functions performed, vacuum cleaners without a cord are divide into 4 groups.

Electric brush Designed for local cleaning: collection of scattered crumbs, small debris. Surface cleaning is mainly carries out due to the rotation of the brush, and not suction. Almost all models “sweep” different types of coatings: wood, PVC, laminate, ceramic tiles. A good wireless Electric brush has a telescopic handle of adjustable length with hinged knots. It turns in all directions and allows you to penetrate the inaccessible places of the house. The optimum capacity of the waste container is 0.5 – 1 l, the best models are equipped with a dust collector with the possibility of quick cleaning. Manufacturers usually complete a vacuum cleaner for sweeping with one brush firmly fixed on the handle (for example, a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter). To sweep the hair off the carpet, a special tool is put on the main tool. The second option is two removable brushes. For half an hour of battery life, he helps to clean up the apartment, is equipped with a telescopic handle and four rotating brushes, collecting garbage in all directions. Good reviews have the Philips Philips FS 612 vacuum cleaner: it works on any hard surfaces, leaving no dust.