The Best Upright Vacuums on the Market

Wireless devices have long taken their place in homes and apartments: the mouse, keyboard and other wired devices replaced the technology without wires. The same applies to our topic; today we will consider one of the varieties of vacuum cleaners – the best vertical cordless vacuum cleaners. We will make a rating of vertical accumulator vacuum cleaners, having considered preliminary responses of buyers. Which one will appeal to you, it is up to you, we included both budgetary and more expensive models.

We just repeat, so, a wireless or electric vacuum cleaner:

  • maintains cleanliness in the house, collecting dust, small debris, crumbs,
  • some models are able to disconnect and clean the car interior,
  • the best vertical vacuum cleaner (if it is demountable) can be taken with you wherever you go,
  • saves electricity,
  • wires do not interfere with high-quality cleaning (they are not),
  • some models can clean themselves with blades (from hair and wool), do wet cleaning,
  • compactly stands in an upright position.

Which is the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The rating of vacuum cleaners for quality and reliability of 2017 starts Electrolux. The mobility of this device is beyond praise. A special design allows you to use a vacuum cleaner, both in the car and at home, the brush rotates 180 degrees to cover as much space as possible. Small crumbs with illumination are visible much better.

In the reviews write that the vacuum cleaner has a convenient adjustment of the power on the handle. A self-cleaning function makes cleaning much more pleasant and hygienic. Special blades cut hair and wool, and the vacuum cleaner instantly sucks everything into the dust bag. All this allows us to conclude that this vertical vacuum cleaner is inexpensive, but a good household appliance.

It is equipped with an engine with a maximum output of 380 watts, which is quite a lot for a model with a cyclone filter of this price category. For the timely cleaning of the bulb from dust and large-scale debris there is an installed filling indicator – unlike many other vacuum cleaners here it really works (and does not perform a purely cosmetic function).

With ergonomics and everything is in order: Korean manufacturers carefully brought the power regulator to the handle in order to protect users from committing unnecessary movements. The final advantage lies in the configuration – the presence of a special turbo brush significantly simplifies the cleaning of the owners of pets.

Thomas SUPER 30S Aqua filter – a worthy representative of the category of washing vacuum cleaners without a bag. As a means for wet cleaning – is ideal in all respects. The tank, designed for ten liters of washing solution, is enough to clean the area of ​​60-70 square meters. However, with dry cleaning everything is very sad. Developed by the motor capacity is not enough to effective absorb dust, so particularly tenacious particles (spools, threads and wool) remain on the carpet.

To the general constructive inconveniences, it is possible to attribute a long non-separable tube, because of which cleaning of narrow spaces becomes a real hell. However, as a plus, you can select a dust collector with a total useful volume of 30 liters.