How to Buy the Best Vacuum for Carpet


If your house is full of carpets and rugs, it makes sense to own a vacuum that is specifically designed for cleaning such surfaces. Even though carpeting comes in a variety of different types (frieze, plush, shag, etc.), finding an option that will satisfy all of your cleaning needs is still possible.

Interested in learning which types of vacuums suit this purpose the best? Read on!

Types of Vacuums

  • Cordless vacuums

No matter how good cordless vacs get, they can’t fully replace the more powerful corded models. This is the case simply because a battery cannot provide the same level of suction as a power outlet. Nonetheless, you can still find many upright cordless vacs that do reasonably well on carpeting.

Сordless vacuums don’t offer the same deep cleaning as their counterparts. Nonetheless, they are still very efficient at light carpet cleanups.

Moreover, possessing the ability to vacuum your rugs without dealing with a power cord is a huge plus. Besides, cordless vacs are far more versatile. They can be used for floor-to-ceiling cleaning on all surfaces.

  • Canister vacuums

Canister vacs represent the golden balance between efficient carpet cleaning and multi-surface versatility. Such machines are powered by motors capable of generating a high wattage output.

Moreover, they employ cyclonic technology and HEPA filtration. These systems allow them to maintain suction strength and get rid of the allergens nested between the fibers.

Canister vacs usually come with special attachments. They make such cleaners suitable for cleaning plush carpets and upholstery.

Besides, canister machines are highly mobile. This feature makes them useful for reaching isolated places and cleaning hard floors.

Additionally, these vacs have a large bag capacity. It’s necessary for collecting the debris from your entire house without needing a replacement.

  • Upright vacuums

Upright vacuums are the best type of cleaners for carpet flooring. Most machines employ a 2-motor system and top-notch air filtration.

Such a build increases the vac’s capability to pick up debris from carpeting while also offering the suction necessary for hard floors.

Another reason why uprights are ideally suited for rug cleaning is a large number of available powerheads designed for this purpose. Such brushes are adjustable for better gliding over plush, medium, and shag carpeting.

For all their benefits, upright vacs also have a couple of drawbacks. They include price, weight, and a lack of mobility. If you’re able to overlook these cons, a stick vacuum is all you need for your carpet floors.

  • Bagless vacuums

Bagless vacs can be built as upright, canister, or cordless machines. Thus, it’s up to you to decide the benefits of which type of cleaners you want to enjoy. The key feature of such vacuums is the bagless design itself.

While it’s assumed that bagless vacs are better only for saving money, they also have another important advantage. Contrary to bagged cleaners, such machines don’t lose suction as the dustbin fills up.

Thus, bagless vacuums maintain a high level of power for longer. This allows you to cover several rooms with the same efficiency.

The drawback of this vacuum type is that they are harder to clean. You risk releasing some of the collected dust when emptying the container.

What to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum for Carpet

When you’re searching for a vacuum suitable for cleaning carpets, you have to think about a lot of aspects. Your choice should depend not only on the characteristics of the machine itself but on the thickness and overall area of the carpeted flooring in your home.

The thicker and larger the carpets you have, the more suction strength you need from the vacuum.

Other than that, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Brush roll. Strong suction by itself is often not enough to provide a deep cleaning experience. Brush rolls are essential for agitating the carpet’s fibers and picking up the debris.
  • Powerhead height adjustment. Vacuums that don’t have an adjustable head can’t work on different carpet types with the same level of efficiency.
  • Hard floor and upholstery cleaning. While having a separate vacuum for each surface type would be nice, it isn’t economically viable. It’s better to purchase a cleaner that offers you versatility.
  • Animal fur cleaning. Picking up dust from carpets is hard enough, but collecting hair is even harder. Give preference to those vacuums that come with special tools for this purpose.