Shark-Navigator-NV352Are you in the market for the best mid price vacuum? Sometimes the most expensive model isn’t always the best vacuum cleaner. Regardless of price, what you need is a vacuum that’ll ultimately clean well.

After spending over 50 hours comparing middle-class models we’ve found a winner. We’ve picked the Shark Navigator NV352 as the best vacuum under $150-$200.

This 2 in 1 lightweight vacuum cleaner has the features you need for impressive cleaning performance. This includes the HEPA filter to trap dust for your allergy concerns to the swivel steering for added control. Overall it ticks all the right boxes where performance, affordability and durability are concerned.

Below, we’ll review some of the best vacuums under $200.

Top-Rated Vacuums under 150-200 Dollars

Shark NV352


Shark Rotator NV501


Tineco A10 Hero


Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum: Best Model under $150

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352
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Great for: Carpets and bare floors

Size: 45.5” x 11.5” x 15”

Weight: 12.5lb

Attachments: Two crevice tools and a dusting brush

Filters: HEPA filtration system, foam filters

Warranty: 5 years limited

The Good:

  • Easy to push & lift.
  • Washable multi-level filters.
  • Compact.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Easy to clean.
Not Good:

  • Fairly loud especially on carpet mode.
  • Hose too short.
  • Canister too bulky to clean under furniture.
  • Not very stable..

You’ll be amazed how much dust the canister will pick up from your carpets. Overall the high consumer rating on this model confirms it’s a good pick.

This is one top-rated vacuum cleaner under $150. It’s quite a versatile unit and is ideal for carpets and bare floors. When converted to a handheld device it will also work well on stairs.

You can easily switch between the different surfaces by making use of the brush roll shut off button. The canister vacuum is easy to detach so you can access and clean those hard to reach places. It’ll maneuver around the furniture easily thanks to the swivel steering.

This vacuum cleaner is reasonably sized. Its portability means you can carry it from room to room with ease.

Weighing only 12.5lb you can tell it’s pretty lightweight for a vacuum cleaner. Though it’s light some consumer reports noted it’s top heavy so it easily falls over.

It comes with a number of attachments to aid in your cleaning process. If you have pets you’ll appreciate the wide pet upholstery tool for cleaning pet hairs. It also comes with two crevice tools and a dusting brush.

Persons who suffer from allergies will particularly appreciate this vacuum cleaner which utilizes HEPA filtration system. The filter is designed to trap the dust and allergens that usually fly around during vacuuming.

Apart from the HEPA filter, it comes with two foam filters. All three filters are pretty easy to clean—just don’t throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher. Simply use warm water and soap.

Oreck Commercial XL, XL2100RHS: Best Vacuum Cleaner under $200

Oreck Commercial XL Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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Great For: Low pile carpets and hard floors.

Size: 6” x 13” x 35”

Weight: 8.2lb

Attachments: No attachments

Filters: Two filters

Warranty: 1 year commercial

The Good:

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Easy & quick to assemble.
  • Bag easy to change.
  • Long industrial power cord.
Not Good:

  • No attachments.
  • Rather loud.
  • Not very sturdy.

Compared to other vacuum cleaners this unit has fewer features. However, though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, this in no way compromises on its vacuuming capabilities.

This vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for commercial cleaning. It’ll work well on all floor surfaces including low pile carpets, wood and tiles. The side edge brushes allow you to easily access those tight spots along your cabinets and baseboards.

Your walls and furniture won’t suffer damage during cleaning thanks to the non-marring bumpers. Its low profile design means it’ll fit easily under most of your office furniture such as desks and chairs.

One of its unique features is the Microsweep function which allows you to transition from cleaning carpets to bare floors with no height adjustment. Also, the automatic floor adjustment feature means you can transition between carpets & floors without changing the manual settings.

People with arthritis will appreciate the helping handle which was approved by the Arthritis Foundation. It makes vacuuming easier and more comfortable because you don’t have to bend your wrist.

The canister is quite compact so it won’t take up much of your storage space. Because of its portable size, it allows for a quick and easy clean up.

The high-speed brush roll whirls at 6500rpm which makes it a pretty powerful unit with impressive suction. It’ll suck all sorts of particles from cereal to dust.

This unit doesn’t come with any attachments. However, note this doesn’t affect its performance as it cleans quite well.

It comes with two filters that are washable. As a result, you don’t have to replace them frequently making the unit easy to maintain.

Shark Rotator Professional Corded Bagless Vacuum

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum
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Great For: Carpets and stairs

Size: 45.7” x 12” x 12”

Weight: 15.5lb

Attachments: Dusting brush, crevice tool, canister caddy, wide pet upholstery tool and a straight suction nozzle

Filters: HEPA filtration system

Warranty: 5 years limited

The Good:

  • Relatively Quiet.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to maneuvre.
  • Easy to clean.
Not Good:

  • Small canister.
  • Top heavy.
  • Durability questionable.

For the price, it’s a pretty good vacuum cleaner that comes with everything you need for an effective cleaning experience.

Pet owners will appreciate this bagless vacuum cleaner which has a premium pet power brush. The brush is designed to pick up any hairs and debris. This same brush effectively deep cleans dander from just about any surface.

You can easily control it as it maneuvres around furniture thanks to the advanced steering wheel. It’s ideal if you want to clean for extended periods without interruption because of the XL capacity dust cup.

It’s great for cleaning those particularly hard to reach areas thanks to the lift away technology. This is done by simply lifting the canister at just the push of a button.

Since the canister is detachable you can clean your stairs with ease including those above floor areas.

This 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner is pretty lightweight. When detached into a portable handheld device, it’s even lighter. However, the size of the dust bin is a bit small as a result you have to empty it often.

The suction on this vacuum is quite powerful. Some users might find it difficult to push but if you back off the suction setting, it’ll be a breeze.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a number of attachments to match the area you want to clean. It comes with a dusting brush, crevice tool, canister caddy, wide pet upholstery tool and a straight suction nozzle.

This vacuum cleaner has three filters. One of them is a HEPA filter which traps allergens and dust inside the vacuum. However though they’re pretty easy to clean, you have to clean them frequently as they tend to clog very quickly. This in turn negatively affects the cleaning performance.

Like most Sharkninja products, this vacuum cleaner comes with a five-year limited warranty. It only covers the cost or replacement of the unit. It doesn’t cover the parts you’ll normally replace such as brushes and filters.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vac BH50010

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum BH50010
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Great for: Works well on carpets or hard floors.

Size: 42” x 10.6” x 11”

Weight: 12lb

Attachments: Swivel nozzle for the motorized brush roll.

Filters: Foam filter

Warranty: 2 years

The Good:

  • Fairly quiet.
  • Interchangeable batteries.
  • Long battery life.
  • Cordless.
Not Good:

  • The durability of handle questionable.
  • Small collector.
  • Not great at picking long hair.

This vacuum cleaner offers utmost cleaning convenience thanks to its cordless design and two interchangeable batteries. If you’re looking for a hassle-free clean up this is your go to.

No dust —whether on carpets or hard floors will escape this upright vacuum cleaner. The powered brush roll is designed to lift up even the most hidden particles thanks to the WindTunnel technology.

It can switch from cleaning carpets to floors with ease thanks to the multi-floor cleaning feature.

The edge to edge cleaning bristles makes it easier for you to clean close to walls and tight corners. You can easily clean under the counter edges and furniture because of its low profile base. Not only does it fit under furniture but the handle reclines to allow for a far reach in the same areas.

People who don’t want to get their hands dirty will appreciate the release cup which ensures a quick clean up. The cordless vacuum cleaner allows you to clean hassle free from one room to the next. Instead of a cord, it utilizes rechargeable batteries which are interchangeable for your cleaning convenience.

The Hoover will clean a large surface area in the shortest possible time thanks to its wide cleaning ability. Since it’s quite a compact unit, you’ll definitely find it easy to push around your apartment.

The suction power is quite powerful and this may be because its battery powered. However, you need to clean the unit debris out of the vacuum constantly for maximum performance.

If you remove the black lid located on top of the bin you’ll find a white circle foam filter. This filter is designed to trap all debris during the vacuuming process.

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum: Great for Carpet, Hard Floor & Pet Hair

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum
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Great For: Works well for pet hair, carpets & hard floors.

Size: 11.8” X 11.8” X 3.1”

Weight: 5.96lb

Attachments: Two mopping attachments, detachable sweep brushes.

Filters: HEPA filter

Warranty:1 year

The Good:

  • Easy to empty trash.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to program.
Not Good:

  • A bit loud.
  • Bumps into objects.
  • Clogs quickly.

This vacuum cleaner offers the ultimate triple threat: it vacuums, dust and sweeps. Also, it offers the ultimate cleaning convenience even while you’re away making it a great pick.

Here we have a unit best suited for those looking for a smart & modern vacuum that cleans even in your absence. All you need to do is program it to clean at a scheduled time. Not only is this self-activated vacuum best for homes but you can also you use it for office cleaning.

This model is ideal for pets’ hairs as it picks them up without any clogging. Suffer from any allergies? Pick this unit which is designed to trap allergens and dust particles while vacuuming.

It features two side sweeper brushes to extend its reach during vacuuming. Because of this feature, it can remove dirt and debris trapped along the wall finish and edges with ease. Its low profile design means it’ll fit under your couch and bed easily.

Apart from the hard carpet you’ll find it works on floors made of hardwood, linoleum, tile or stone. You don’t have to worry about it falling over stairs thanks to its anti-fall stair sensors plus protective housing.

This robot vacuum cleaner is only 3.1” tall so it can clean from room to room for a quick cleaning experience. The suction is powerful enough to pick up any dirt from pet hair to dry cereal.

Aside from the robotic vacuum cleaner, you’ll get a dry mop accessory if you want to use it on shiny floors. It also comes with a charging station where it docks when in need of a recharge. You’ll also find two mopping attachments as well as detachable sweep brushes.

It features an integrated HEPA filter which is reusable for low maintenance. While still on the subject of low maintenance you’ll also get a washable primary filter.

Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum

Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner
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Great for: Bare floors, ceiling corners.

Size:  28” x 16.2” x 14”

Weight: 22lb

Attachments: Crevice tool, upholstery brush, bare floor tool.

Filters: Triple HEPA filtration system.

Warranty: 1 year

The Good:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Long cord.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Powerful motor.
Not Good:

  • Pretty Loud.
  • Small vacuum bag capacity.

Our only major concern with this vacuum cleaner is most of the parts are covered using cheap quality plastic which might affect durability. Otherwise, overall it has impressive suction power and cleans well.

The home cleaning design allows this vacuum cleaner to clean most surfaces including laminate floors and vinyl floors. It’s ideal for those looking for a vacuum that’s not only easy to use but convenient to store. The automatic cord rewind will recoil quickly when not in use for easier storage.

This bagged canister will provide a complete top to bottom clean thanks to its adjustable suction levels. Whether you want to clean bare floors or ceiling corners you can do so with this unit. It also works particularly well on carpets since it has a motorized carpet attachment.

Those who don’t like slouching and bending during vacuuming will appreciate the adjustable height feature. If you suffer from any allergies you’ll also find this vacuum handy as it’s HEPA certified.

It comes with a 24ft length cord so you can clean different rooms without necessarily plugging & unplugging.

It weighs approximately 22lb making it slightly heavier than most of the vacuums reviewed above.

You can be rest assured because of the two motor systems, you won’t lose any suction throughout your cleaning process. Also, it won’t be leaving any dirt behind thanks to the Power flow technology.

It comes with three attachments to aid in your cleaning process. These include a crevice tool for those tight corners and an upholstery or dust brush. The third attachment is a second bare floor tool in case the first one stops functioning.

This powerful vacuum cleaner uses the triple HEPA filtration system to rid the air of any allergens and harmful dust particles.

Tineco A10 Hero Lightweight Stick & Handheld Vacuum

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
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Great for: Carpets, above floor areas.

Size: 48” x 12.7”

Weight: 5lb

Attachments: Crevice tool, mini power brush, 2 n 1 dusting brush.

Filters: Four stage filtration system.

Warranty: 2 years

The Good:

  • Light.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Very quiet.
  • Cordless.
Not Good:

  • Short battery life.
  • Releasing switch flimsy.
  • Weak suction power.

With regards to performance, there are some vacuum cleaners within the same price range that offer better suction power. However, you can’t beat its versatility and portability.

Looking to do some effortless deep cleaning? Pick this unit and you can do so by simply placing it on max mode for just seven minutes.

It uses one multi-task power to clean all floor types—from carpets to hard floors. You can use it to clean a larger angle thanks to its 10.4” cleaning path. It has two power modes which allow you to adjust it depending on the surface you want to clean.

It’s even great for night cleaning thanks to the LED lights it comes with. Because of its fully sealed filtration system people who suffer from allergies will find it particularly useful when cleaning.

When converted into a portable handheld vacuum cleaner, you can clean your ceiling with ease. Thanks to the low profile design it’s easy to clean under your furniture.

Apart from its versatility, this vacuum cleaner is pretty lightweight for easier handling & cleaning around your home. After converting it into a hand vacuum it becomes even lighter. Overall the unit weighs around 5lb while the main body weighs approximately 2lb.

This vacuum cleaner produces 110 air watts of powerful suction power. However, some customer reviews have noted it’s not as powerful compared to the other models in the same price range.

It has an impressive four-stage filtration system.The system is designed to lock in small dust particles—without any form of leakage. After which it expels non-allergenic air for a clean breathing space.

Bissel Symphony Pet Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood & Tile Floors

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner
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Great for: Hardwood and tile floors.

Size: 46” x 11” X 9.75”

Weight: 10.6lb

Attachments: Mop pads

Filters: Water filter

Warranty: 2 years

The Good:

  • Long cord.
  • Picks pet hair well.
  • Impressive suction.
  • Filter easy to clean.
Not Good:

  • Leaves streaks.
  • Not ideal for tight corners.
  • Loud.

This vacuum cleaner is quite versatile as it allows you to clean and mop at the same time. We, however, advise you to order extra washable pad because once they get dirty the performance is affected.

This vacuum cleaner is ideal for hardwood floors and tile floors. It’s specifically designed to vacuum and steam- mop your floors. It also works well on floors made of marble and granite.

Because it comes with washable mop pads it works well for cleaning wet messes. However, thanks to the dry tank technology the moisture will be kept out leaving the dirt tank dry.

It also comes with disposable mop pads that pet owners will find handy. These allow you to clean and throw away pet messes as opposed to washing the mop pad. The mop pads are also designed to eliminate the pet odors during steam cleaning. This can be done by using scented and demineralized water on the steam mops.

This unit is heavier than some vacuums in a similar price range such as the Shark. However, it still comes in a manageable size for easy cleaning.

The cyclonic technology captures pet hair and debris effectively. For a vacuum that produces 400w of power, you can tell it’s pretty powerful.

It comes with a water filter which you must fill with distilled water only to avoid mineralization. Also, you must always check the water filter: If the green grains turn blue it’s time to change it.

It’s covered by a two-year warranty. However, it only applies if the unit was used for personal, not commercial use. Also, routine maintenance components such as filters aren’t covered.

Farag Janitorial Backpack Vacuum

Farag Janitorial
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Great for: Commercial use.

Size: 17.2” x 31.2” x 17.2”

Weight: 20lb

Attachments: Hose

Filters:  Water filter

Warranty: No warranty period.

The Good:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Lightweight.
  • Low maintenance unit.
Not Good:

  • Attachments don’t have hooks.

Overall this vacuum cleaner will work for well for both home and office use. For a commercial cleaner, you’ll appreciate that cleaning with it is quick and simple.

This backpack vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for light commercial use. However, some customers even use it for home cleaning.

It comes with a long cable which is 18m long to move around the offices with ease. It’ll clean under your desks and chairs with ease. When using it for home use, this upright vacuum will work well in the kitchen and dining room areas.

It functions at the dry voltage of 110v which allows for an effective cleaning performance. It allows for both wet and dry cleaning and has a cooling mode of 1000w which is pretty impressive. As a result, vacuumed wet surfaces tend to dry up quicker.

It’s pretty lightweight for a commercial vacuum. This means it’ll be easy to move from office to office. Because it’s lightweight it’s designed to clean larger areas without exerting too much strain.

The suction power is fairly good. With a 3l airflow, you can tell the suction will pick up considerable dust particles and debris. However, a few users have not found the suction be very effective.

It comes with a hose which has a diameter of 36mm to pick up dirt effectively.

Hoover BH52120PC 2 in 1 Vacuum

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner BH52120PC
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Great for: Carpets and hardwood floors.

Size: 20.8” X 20.8” X 23.2”

Weight: 7lb

Attachment: Crevice tool

Filters: Reusable filters

Warranty: 2 years limited.

The Good:

  • Long battery life.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Strong suction.
  • LED illumination.
Not Good:

  • Difficulty to empty.
  • Clogs quickly.
  • Needs frequent emptying.

This is your ultimate go to if you’re looking for a convenient and versatile vacuum cleaner that cleans well. Just make sure you clean it regularly.

This 2 in 1 vacuum is ideal for hoгse quick cleanups thanks to the cordless design. The electronic brush roll allows you to switch from cleaning carpets to hard floors at just the touch of a button.

It features a motorized turbo tool to clean up any pet hair on either furniture or stairs.

It utilizes Wind Tunnel technology which will lift and remove any dirt that’s deeply embedded in your carpets. You can also use it for above the floor cleaning with ease. Simply make use of the removable hand vac. This same hand vac will allow you to clean your couches as well as those hard to reach places.

It also works great for night cleaning thanks to the LED headlights which illuminate your cleaning path. Since it features steering technology it’ll be very easy to maneuver around your furniture as well as the tight corners and spaces.

It’s ideal if you want to use it to clean a larger area without any interruptions thanks to the long battery life. Just fully charge it first.

It weighs only 7lb making it lightweight. When converted into a hand vac it weighs only 5.9lb making it extra light. It’s powered by Lithium Life battery technology which allows for a powerful suctioning performance.

It comes with a crevice tool to clean those cracks & small spaces easily and with precision.

This unit comes with two reusable filters. They’re very easy to clean making it a low maintenance vacuum. If you decide to go for the Deluxe version it comes with one extra filter.

While the vacuum cleaner is covered by a two-year limited warranty, the battery is under a five-year warranty.

What to Consider before Buying a Vacuum under $200?

Ease of Use
Gone are the days when vacuuming was considered a tiring chore. Modern vacuum cleaners now allow for effortless cleaning. Before we talk about how easy it is to use, firstly it must first be simple to assemble. Installation must take you a couple of minutes at least.

Secondly, make sure the vacuum has simple and intuitive controls that aren’t only within reach but easy to operate. You must be able to push it from one room to the next hassle-free. A vacuum with a swivel steering will make controlling the vacuum easier as you maneuver around your furniture.

Suction Power
The value of a vacuum lies in its suction power. It makes the difference between a unit that’ll pick up deeply embedded dirt successfully or not. However, note makes sure it’s still easy to move around regardless of the suction power.

Bear in mind that different messes require a different level of suction power. Some areas like tight corners will need more than power than when cleaning an open floor. For this reason, go for one that allows you to adjust the suction level depending on the area you want to clean.

Not all areas will need the same brush for an effective cleanup. The brush you used to clean on the carpets is different from when cleaning your drapes.

The last thing you need is to go to the store to buy an attachment every time you want to clean a specific area. For instance, if you wish to clean around your electronics you’ll need a crevice tool.

For this reason, buying a unit with all the attachments you need is a budget-friendly and convenient move. Pick one that comes with different accessories to suit the cleaning space and surface.

Also make sure it comes with the necessary cables, adapters, battery and recharger if it’s a battery operated unit.

Cord Length
Pick a vacuum with a decent length cord as it’ll make the difference between a hassle-free cleaning experience and a frustrating one. Switching power points every time you move to a different room is quite tedious—not to mention time-consuming.

Opt for one that has a long extension cord for uninterrupted cleaning. Some vacuum cleaners under 200 dollars do have cords which are as long as 30ft for your cleaning convenience. If you expect an extended reach without necessarily unplugging, a cord that long is your best bet.

Brush Roll
Brush rolls—particularly motorized ones—are the ideal pick if you want an effective vacuuming experienced. However, these brush rolls are determined by the surface you’re going to clean.

Some surfaces such as hardwood floors don’t require the spinning brush roll mechanism. They may actually do more harm than good by scratching your floors. To be safe you can opt for the vacuum which has an on and off switch for the brush roll.

Ability to Remove Pet Hair
If you’re a pet owner then this might very well be on the top of your list before picking a vacuum. Not all vacuums are designed for pet hair—they’ll simply just clog.

Make sure the one you pick has the necessary attachments to remove pet hairs—long or short from any surface. A pet tool brush is one such attachment that’ll do so effectively. Also, some floor cleaning machines come with a squeegee made of rubber material. This feature is specifically designed to attract and remove pet hairs.

Regardless of the price, a vacuum that’s versatile is definitely a smart option. Some models can easily be converted into handheld units to accommodate different cleaning requirements.

When converted, not only is it portable but it’s also lighter. This allows for effortless above the floor cleaning such as counters and ceilings. If you have stairs in the house you can clean them with ease thanks to this functionality.

Quiet Operations
Vacuuming doesn’t have to be a noisy operation. These days the market is flooded with models that offer a quieter vacuuming experience. Even for under $200 you’re bound to find one that cleans quietly such as the Shark Rotator bagless vacuum.

Always check the decibel level of the vacuum as it determines the noise level. Generally, the lower the decibel level –the better. If you usually clean in the early hours while everyone is sleeping or at night then a quiet vacuum is a must-have. Also, if you have any pets in the house then it’s worth considering.

Light Weight
You will need to consider the weight of the vacuum before purchasing it. Simply put: The heavier it is the more difficult it is to move around your home. Pick one that’s lightweight to allow for a quick and easy cleanup.

Also, note a lightweight vacuum is usually compact in nature. This will ultimately allow for easier storage as it won’t take up much space.