The Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors

Vacuum cleaner is a necessary household appliance for most civilized people. In order to reliably evaluate all the main consumer properties of a modern vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, we tested 8 popular samples in our laboratory under a single program.

What is the Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors

To carry out the expertise of the Consumer Rights Protection Society, eight vacuum cleaners of six brands were purchased and handed over to the testing laboratory: Bosch (Germany, both models manufactured in China), Philips (Netherlands, models manufactured in Turkey and Poland), Dyson (UK, Malaysia), Vitek (Russia, model manufactured in China), LG (South Korea, model manufactured in China), Samsung (South Korea, model manufactured in Vietnam).

The test was attended by vacuum cleaners, differing in the design of dust collectors, suction power and equipment. As it turned out, the price, brand credibility and quality of technology are not always interconnected.

The most important parameter in the work of the device lies in its name: “vacuum cleaner”. How effectively the device draws in dust and debris is the first question that the experts of Roskontrol have answered. As a conventional waste, laboratory pollutants were used – imitation of animal wool, metal washers and cotton and wool threads, which were collected from a “tenacious” carpet. To complicate the task, the light fragments were rolled with a heavy roller. At the same time, the spread of contamination was not chaotic – fragments of test debris were decomposed into reference patterns, and their number, size and mass are strictly regulated. Like the path of the brush. Each of the samples was to collect four types of garbage.

Dyson DC52 Animal Turbine

The unconditional leader of this test was the “premium” cyclone vacuum cleaner Dyson DC52 Animal Turbine, which almost perfectly worked out a program to collect all pollutants. Just a few points away from him the container Bosch BGS5ZOOO1 – he, like Dyson, is equipped with a turbo brush, which effectively picks garbage from the carpet. The Philips FC 9912 and LG Kompressor VK89382HUs are not much worse than cleaners. But the main sensation based on the results of the first experiment was the results at the bottom of the table. A large, powerful and beautiful model BGS 52530 from Bosch could not capture half of the fragments of test debris. This not cheap vacuum cleaner has conceded even to “super-budgetary” Vitek VT-1848 / BK, having shown the worst result in the test. Owners of carpets and pets can safely cross out this model from the list of candidates for purchase. As, however, and the device from Vitek.

Philips FC9912

An interesting fact is that the suction power of the investigated models was not the decisive factor in cleaning the surfaces. The efficiency of garbage collection was significantly influenced by the aerodynamic study of the design of the inner part of the nozzle, as well as the presence in the set of specialized nozzles for a carpet with a rotating brush capable of picking up fragments of debris. Such were found in the boxes of vacuum cleaners Bosch BGS5ZOOO1, Dyson and LG. According to the terms of the program, the test for garbage collection efficiency uses the full potential of the model, including the most suitable attachments from the list attached. Which helped the mentioned samples to break out into the leaders. Other models, such as the Philips FC 9912, “traveled” at high suction power and a thoughtful design of the base carpet nozzle.