The Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Now when performing repairs in an apartment or a house, a rather serious approach is required to the selection of materials, design, methods of arrangement, compared to Soviet times, when all the houses were similar to each other with a standard parquet floor, a Czech wall and the same wallpaper glued to newspapers. The variety of modern technologies and materials allows creating dream interiors: stylish, bright, comfortable enough.

What is the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

01. Vacuum for Laminate Floors

One of the most important elements of any room is the floor, which should be not only the decoration of the room, but also be sufficiently reliable. The most popular material that meets all modern requirements is laminate. This floor covering consists of several layers, the basis of which is a fibreboard, which has an increased density. It is connected to a decorative film (more often paper) with an image of the structure of a tree or a tile topped with protective resins.

Water – this is what, one might say, is afraid of laminate, because of its stratification, because if moisture gets in between layers, it may be swelling of the floor, its stratification. Therefore, if you wash the laminate floor, then with a minimum amount of warm water, moisten a little rag, without special application of special means, because the surface, due to the upper protective layer, is repulsive for dirt.

Now most often for cleaning floors use vacuum cleaners, both for dry and wet cleaning. For dry cleaning, the laminate is ideal, as dirt is absorbed instantly, leaving no traces on the surface, so that you can clean every day.

The laminate itself, according to this parameter, is divided into the following types: usual, moisture resistant, with additional impregnations and coatings, used mainly in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

02. Vacuum for Laminate Floors

The first thing that is worth knowing in the passport of the vacuum cleaner, is it intended for cleaning such a moody coating, as a laminate. If yes, then we look at the remaining parameters according to the functional.

The main selection criterion is the consumption of the cleaning solution for wet cleaning, as well as the availability of an additional drying function after the main wash cycle.

Since the houses have different flooring in different rooms, the vacuum cleaner should therefore not only be sufficiently sparing for the laminated floor, but also moderately powerful so that the dirt is removed completely, not even from the smoothest surfaces.

The filter system in wet vacuum cleaners is most often combined with the cleaning function: when dirt enters not in a garbage bag, but in a special container with water, where it is retained until the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner, which is very convenient and practical.