9 Best Vacuums for Long Human Hair 2018: Reviews & Ratings



After spending 46 hours on separate upright vacuum cleaners to determine which of them performed best, we came to the conclusion that the Hoover Linx BH50010 is the best vacuum for long human hair.

It demonstrated a remarkable ability to pick up both pet hair and human hair from a variety of surfaces including short pile carpets, long pile carpets, and bare floors.

With WindTunnel technology, an extreme recline handle, and edge cleaning bristles it produced a stronger suction power, cleaned underneath furniture better, and was more capable of edge cleaning than any of the cleaning machines we tested. That is why this cordless stick vacuum continues to attract more positive customer reviews and ratings. Here are 9 top-rated vacuums for human hair.

Top-Rated Vacuum Cleaners for Long Human Hair

Hoover Linx BH50010



eufy RoboVac 11



Shark NV356E



Hoover Linx BH50010 Vacuum for Pet & Human Hair

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum BH50010
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(9586 Reviews)

This is a cordless stick vacuum that is sleekly designed and versatile. With a WindTunnel driven brush roll, it is able to generate enough suction power to lift the most deeply buried dirt off your carpet.

The brush roll is able to clean a large area because of its motor’s wide path and is fitted with edge cleaning bristles to capture dirt or other debris on your carpet or bare floor edges.

The power button is well placed near the extreme recline handle so you can intuitively start up the machine as long as the fade-free Lithium-ion battery is in place. There is also a battery life gauge, which is positioned a little further down the stick so you know when it’s time for a recharge.

The handle is designed to afford you considerable comfort while you clean underneath furniture. The Hoover Linx BH50010 passes all pet hair, long human hair, debris, and dirt through the cyclone system before emptying them into the bottom-release plastic dirt cup.

Who It’s for

The Hoover Linx upright vacuum cleaner is a great machine for pet owners who want a powerful solution for getting rid of pet hair, which constantly litters the floor of carpet. It is also a great device for women – the best vacuum for long hair.

  • Fade-free Lithium-ion battery.
  • Cordless vacuum.
  • Windtunnel suction technology.
  • Cyclonic filtration process.
  • Plastic removable dirt cup.
  • Center dirt path.
  • No swivel steering.
  • Not suitable for upholstery.


How does it perform on hardwood floors?
It is excellent for cleaning hardwood floors but takes care to only keep it at the lowest setting to avoid scratching when the brushroll turns.

How does it perform with human and pet hair?
It is able to rid both bare floor and carpets of pet and human hair in either the rotary brush mode or no brush mode.

Final Thoughts

With a weight of only ten pounds and a small physical size, the Hoover Linx BH50010 is very easy to move around considering that it is also a cordless device. It is also an excellent choice for handling pet and human hair carpets and hardwood floors – a very high-performance tool.

Eureka NEC122A Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum: Best for Long Hair

Eureka NEC122A Power Plush Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(102 Reviews)

The Eureka NEC122A is a fantastic multifunctional cleaning device. This stick vacuum excels at sucking in long hair and animal fur thanks to the unique nozzle design.Additionally, the cleaner comes with a plush brush roll. It enables you to pick up even the smallest dust particles from hard floors.

The NEC122A is a cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s supported by a 21.6V battery. Also, the unit has a special light indicator that lets you know when the battery needs to be charged.

The charger base can be mounted to a wall and is designed to host both the vacuum itself and the included tools.

The package contains several attachments. The crevice and upholstery tools are definitely the most useful ones. You can use the latter to clean couches, armchairs, and other furniture pieces.

Another cool feature of this 2 in 1 vacuum is swivel steering. It’s paired with a motorized nozzle that enables you to clean floors, corners, and under beds without putting in a lot of effort.

Several customer reviews praise the anti-allergenic filter included in the unit. It’s washable and protects your home from allergens and pollen.

Both this filter and the dust cup are easy to clean. All it takes is a single press of a button to empty the container. It also has a large capacity. You aren’t required to empty the dust bin after every light cleaning session.

Who It’s For

The NEC122A is ideal for people with really long hair and pets in their homes. It’s primarily designed for rugs and hard floors. Moreover, the vacuum is efficient for cleaning kitchen tiles from cereal, flour, and other types of debris. The fact that the NEC122A is a 2 in 1 model makes it very versatile as well.

  • Great quality for price ratio.
  • Long hair doesn’t get stuck in the brush roll.
  • Quite lightweight.
  • Supports swivel steering.
  • Comes with an anti-allergenic filter.
  • The charging duration is a bit too long.
  • Isn’t suitable for cleaning shag carpeting.


Does this model work well on medium-thick carpets?
It’s primarily designed for low-fiber carpeting, but you can use it on mid-height carpets as well.

How long does a single battery charge last?
It has an average life of about 20 minutes.

Can I leave the unit in the charger base for the night?
It isn’t recommended to have the vacuum plugged in constantly as it will diminish the battery’s durability.

Final Thoughts

This Eureka 2 in 1 is one of the best vacuums for long human hair on the current market. It’s reasonably small, can be employed to clean upholstery, and offers a solid amount of battery life.

Moreover, the NEC122A is very easy to maneuver thanks to the swivel steering mechanism. This is a godsend for rooms with lots of furniture.

eufy RoboVac 11 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Great for Hard Floors

eufy RoboVac 11 High Suction Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing Technology and High-Performance Filter for Pet
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.5 Stars
(3021 Reviews)

The eufy robotic vacuum cleaner is a top-rated vacuum for long hair. You can launch it with a simple click of a button, and it will roam around your house by itself.The device includes several cleaning settings: Edge, Spot, and Max. You can choose the needed mode based on your current needs.

The RoboVac 11 is a low-profile unit. It goes under chairs, couches, and beds without any difficulty. The vacuum is powered by a strong battery that allows the robot to work for up to 90 minutes without recharging.

This vacuum employs a 3-stage cleaning mechanism. It employs side brushes, the main rolling brush, and strong suction. This ensures a thorough cleaning procedure. Moreover, the RoboVac manages to do so without making much noise.

Thanks to the triple-filtration system, you don’t have to worry about the air in your room being filled with allergens or dust. Another awesome characteristic of the eufy robotic vacuum is its anti-scratch design.

It was achieved thanks to the tempered glass finish. The RoboVac 11 also employs an infrared sensor system to detect and avoid various obstacles in your rooms.

The included dust collector is quite big. This means you can clean the entire house before emptying it.

The device also allows you to set your own cleaning schedule. This relieves you of the necessity to manually launch the robotic vacuum each time you want to clean your floors.

Who It’s For

The RoboVac 11 is the ideal solution for people who are tired of cleaning their houses by themselves. The robot’s wheels run very smoothly on hard surfaces.

Thus, if your apartment has mostly wood or tile floors, then this eufy vacuum should fulfill your debris-cleaning needs perfectly.

  • Very compact, goes under furniture easily.
  • Impressive dust bin size for a robotic vacuum.
  • Very efficient at picking up dog and cat fur as well as human hair.
  • Surprisingly quiet.
  • Heavy-duty battery.
  • Tends to get stuck between furniture from time to time.
  • Can’t be used on black tiles due to the implemented sensor system.


Can this vacuum operate in multiple rooms in a single session?
Yes, just make sure that the doors between the rooms are open.

Do the included filters need replacement?
The HEPA filter needs to be replaced every once in a while. The other filters can be washed and reused.

Will the robot go back to the base when its battery is low?
Yes, the vacuum is programmed to retreat to the charging base when running low on energy.

Final Thoughts

The RoboVac 11 is a good vacuum cleaner if you’re searching for an inexpensive automatic model. It navigates around the house well and glides on hard surfaces without damaging your floor. Moreover, it can hold a lot of dust and picks up hair without it getting stuck in the nozzle.

ROOMIE TEC 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum: Cheap Model

ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(327 Reviews)

This vacuum is the embodiment of versatility and portability in a cleaning device. All it takes is a single press of a button to turn the ROOMIE TEC from a stick vac into a handheld model.

You can employ it to pick up dust and fur from your furniture, upholstery, and clothing. It’s also suitable for stairs and car cleaning.The suction power of this model is an aspect that is continuously praised in customer reviews. The ROOMIE TEC has enough strength to pick up debris from carpets, hardwood, and tile floors. This power is backed up by a 2200 mAh battery. It provides up to 25 minutes of efficient cleaning.

You can use the ROOMIE TEC in one of the 2 main modes. ECO setting is perfect for everyday use. It doesn’t consume a lot of battery power while offering sufficient suction. Meanwhile, the Turbo Mode is designed specifically for cleaning thick carpets.

Another interesting characteristic of this vacuum is its light-up function. The head has six lights that allow you to see what’s going on under your furniture so that you don’t miss any dirty spots.

You will also appreciate the floor protection this cleaner offers you. The unit runs on wheels that are covered in rubber to prevent scratching your hard floors.

This model is also great because you can leave it in the charger for as long as you want. The battery won’t get damaged and lose its durability. Moreover, you can fold down the unit to store it in your closet and save space in your room.

Who It’s For

The ROOMIE TEC is the ultimate choice for users who are searching for durable and cheap handheld vacs. The fact that it can be used both as an upright and a handheld vacuum makes it a great option for your main cleaning device. The offered suction is enough to pick up dust from all kinds of surfaces, even from plush carpets.

  • Provides powerful suction.
  • The included battery is satisfyingly durable.
  • Can be used either as a handheld or upright model.
  • Very compact and lightweight.
  • The powerhead is quite flexible.
  • The dust cup doesn’t have very big capacity.
  • When in stick mode, the arm doesn’t bend all the way.


Can I purchase replacements for the included filters?
They are washable and reusable, so you don’t have to replace them.

Is this vacuum efficient at cleaning animal hair?
Yes, it’s very good at picking up fur.

Where can I store the brush when I’m not using it?
The attachments have a separate slot on the charger base for comfortable storage.

Final Thoughts

The ROOMIE TEC is a cheap vac in the 2 in 1 category. It runs perfectly on tile floors and hardwood. This lightweight vacuum is cordless and can be used for hair removal.

SilverOnyx X9 Lightweight Handheld Vacuum: Cool Gift for Wife

SilverOnyx X9 Cordless 2 in 1 Lightweight Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(28 Reviews)

The SilverOnyx X9 is among the best 2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaners for picking up hair. It provides powerful suction on hard surfaces and offers portability for reaching furniture, walls, and ceilings.

The unit has two-speed settings. You can switch between them using the power button to control the cleaning experience.

This vacuum employs a 2200 mAh battery. A single charge provides you with up to fifty minutes of cleaning time. This is enough for cleaning several rooms at once without having to stop for a recharge.

The SilverOnyx X9 is a bagless model. It contains a plastic dust cup for collecting debris. It’s paired with a HEPA filter.

The latter is very efficient at cleansing the air in your home. This feature is especially useful if you’re suffering from allergies.

The package also includes several attachments that will make your life easier. For instance, you can employ the extension tube to clean curtains and ceilings in your home.

The power brush is ideal for running on hard surfaces. Meanwhile, the dust brush is designed for cleaning shelves, electronic equipment and glass. The kit also comes with a crevice tool.

Another fact that should be mentioned in this review is that the charger base is wall-mountable. This makes the vacuum easy to store even in your bedroom without getting in your way.

Who It’s For

The SilverOnyx X9 is a good vacuum cleaner for women with long hair. It offers strong suction while being compact and lightweight.

This means you can clean the entire house without putting a strain on your back and tiring yourself out. The fact that you can use the X9 both as a stick vacuum cleaner and a handheld one makes it suitable for carpet cleaning as well as car use.

  • Cordless, doesn’t have to be attached to a power outlet.
  • Perfect for cleaning upholstery.
  • Offers impressive battery life.
  • The dustcup is easily washable.
  • The set includes an extension wand for ceiling and curtain cleaning.
  • Doesn’t clean on carpet very well.
  • The included dust cup isn’t all that big.


Is this model suitable for cleaning stairs?
Yes, the head can be bent in any way you want, and the included accessories are great for cleaning corners.

How long is the warranty offered for this device?
The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on the SilverOnyx X9.

How do I charge this vacuum cleaner?
You can charge the SilverOnyx X9 using the included AC wall adapter.

Final Thoughts

This vacuum represents everything your wife or daughter might need from a cleaning device. It’s portable, satisfyingly lightweight, and can vacuum your entire house on a single battery charge.

Moreover, all of that is offered for a low price! While the SilverOnyx X9 can’t replace a high-end upright vac for heavy cleaning, it’s ideal for short clean-ups of your kitchen, living room, stairs, or car. It would be a good assistant for wife.

Shark Rotator Professional Bagless Upright Vacuum: Good On Carpet

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacumm
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.5 Stars
(204 Reviews)

The Shark Rotator vacuum cleaner is a professional-level machine. It combines the strength and broad cleaning path of a traditional stick model with the portability of a handheld vac.

This is possible thanks to the lift-away design. It allows you to take out the head and canister for reaching places that are ordinarily hard-to-access.

The package also includes an extension wand. It’s 16 inches long and is perfect for cleaning upholstery, shelves, and curtains.

Add to that the long cord, and there won’t be a single place in your apartment you can’t clean. Besides, you have control over the brush roll. You can switch between bare floor and carpet modes by using a single button.

We should also mention that this vacuum employs a state-of-the-art filtration system. It picks up nearly 99% of all the dust and pollen in your rooms. You can breathe with ease without having to worry about your health.

Since the Shark Rotator is bagless, you don’t have to invest in replacement bags that would cost you an extra dime. Instead, all you need is to empty the canister every once in a while and wash the HEPA filter every few weeks.

Another feature of this device that deserves to be included in this review is that its motor runs very quietly. You can use the vacuum even in the evening without disturbing your neighbors or family members.

Who It’s For

The Shark Rotator is perfect for users who have a lot of carpets in their homes and are looking for high-quality upright vacuums. This bagless vac provides the power required to clean even plush carpeting.

The included attachments are handy for sucking in hair and fur from hard-to-reach surfaces. If you lose a lot of hair or have several pets, then you will be happy with this model!

  • Easy to turn the brush roll on and off for cleaning on different surfaces.
  • Doesn’t make much noise.
  • Employs HEPA filtration for clearing the air.
  • Comes with a very long power cord.
  • The dustbin is simple to empty and clean.
  • Lacks a cord retractor.
  • Isn’t as maneuverable as some other models.


What accessories are included in this set?
The package comes with a pet power brush, crevice and upholstery tools, and a suction nozzle.

Is it suitable for cleaning stairs?
Yes, the cord length and available attachments make this vacuum perfect for cleaning staircases.

What is the length of the power cord?
It’s exactly 30-feet long.

Final Thoughts

The Shark Rotator is among the best vacuum cleaners for picking up long human hair. Since it’s an upright model, this item has the power necessary to suck in debris from carpets and hardwood floors while also providing the portability of a handheld vac. This makes it possible to clean hair from hard-to-access areas such as furniture, clothing, etc.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Vac with Tangle Free Brushroll

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright Vacuum
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(937 Reviews)

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A is a corded upright vacuum cleaner with an ergonomic bright neon green design. It features a SuctionChannel powered tangle-free brushroll that enables edge-to-edge cleaning along with a 12-inch wide path. It is a design that makes it suitable for picking up different types of dirt on bare floors and carpets as well as upholstery.

Once it is plugged into a conveniently placed power outlet, the swivel steering helps you vacuum around furniture and other tight spaces in the home quite effortlessly. With the quick-release wand, you will be able to perform above floor cleaning with a great deal of comfort.

The same comfort can be derived from the pet TurboEraser tool and LED-lit crevice tool when vacuuming pet hair and hard-to-reach upholstery corners.

Rubber fingers and a soft dusting brush comprise a two-in-one pet brush that is meant for delicate upholstery surfaces. Regardless of the tool, removed substances are made to pass through the cyclonic hair-spooling filter before getting emptied into the lightweight canister.

Who It’s for

This corded vacuum cleaner is specially tailored for hair on carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces in the home. It is one of the most versatile devices on the market with part of its design focused on pet odor and allergen removal. It will leave your home not only clean but also smelling fresh.

  • Tangle-free brush roll.
  • SuctionChannel technology.
  • Cyclonic hair-spooling filter.
  • 1.5-liter plastic dirt cup.
  • 2-in-1 pet brush of delicate surfaces.
  • Febreze pet odor eliminator.
  • Swivel steering.
  • Requires an AC adaptor.
  • No battery power.


What is the length of the cord?
The power cord is thirty feet long so that you can clean from one power outlet at a time.

How does it perform with pet hair?
The tangle free vacuum works as advertised. It picks up every single trace of pet and human hair without getting tangled hair in the roller.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the fact that this is not a cordless cleaner, it is an extremely comfortable quality tool to use with its swivel steering and tools for hair and dust and for handling specific surfaces.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy

Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(532 Reviews)

The Dyson Cinetic Allergy Upright cleaner is a cordless vacuum cleaner that comes in a sturdy design and has a lot of features that aid users with thorough home cleaning. Its self-adjusting cleaner head is fitted with a brush bar.

This motorized tool uses nylon bristles to shake up deeply embedded dirt while producing a suction power of 180 air watts.

All you need to get started is 2 Lithium-ion batteries. With them in place, you will be able to experience the full power of a vacuum cleaner that does not require filters.

Filters are not needed because of Dyson cinetic tips, which have been engineered to oscillate in a manner that prevents microscopic dust from obstructing airflow. Pet hair and other particles collected are then turned into the storage bin underneath.

The cleaner rides on a big ball while cleaning carpets and bare floors and uses the instant-release hose and wand to get to areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. The cleaner could be fitted with the turbine tool, multi-angle brush, soft dusting brush, mattress tool, or low reach tool.

Who It’s for

It is a great fit for pet owners who desire getting rid of their hair in the most hassle-free manner possible. In addition, it is certified as asthma and allergy friendly. With the ability to seal in suction power while moving from carpets to bare floors and vice-versa, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball cleaner is a compelling device.

  • Dyson Cinetic technology.
  • Battery powered cleaner.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head.
  • Push-to-release dirt cup.
  • No filters needed.
  • Asthma and allergy friendly.
  • Mattress tool.
  • No swivel steering.
  • Expensive.


How heavy is the vacuum cleaner?
This vacuum cleaner weights just over 19 pounds.

Does the cord automatically retract or does it have to be manually stored?
The cord does not automatically retract. It has to be manually stored using the handle loop.

Final Thoughts

It is an amazing albeit expensive cordless vacuum cleaner but the absence of filter maintenance may be worth it. It is a very good vacuum to pick up hair even though it’s not the lightest. It comes with many useful accessories for quick jobs.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Vacuum: Ideal for Picking up Long Hair

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.5 Stars
(8935 Reviews)

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Vacuum is an upright corded vacuum cleaner that is functionally a 2-in-1 machine. That is because with lift-away technology users are able to detach the canister and move the cleaner to handle typically hard-to-reach floor areas.

This feature along with a swivel steering makes it a terrific tool for both bare floors and carpets. Equipped with a brushroll shutoff button the Shark Navigator seamlessly switches between carpet mode and bare floor mode. Its 30-foot-long power cord means that you most likely will not have to change power outlets until you are done cleaning small and medium-sized rooms.

Fully sealed suction technology and a HEPA filtration system help to remove stubborn materials like long hair, trap allergens and dust, and send them to the 2.2-quart canister. All you need do is push a button to empty the canister.

Who It’s for

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Vacuum is for users who have either carpet floors or bare floor surfaces like hardwood. With its crevice tool, pet power brush, and dusting brush you also get the ability to clean corners, clean upholstery, and do above floor cleaning.

  • Swivel steering.
  • Lift-away technology.
  • Long 30-foot power cord.
  • Brushroll shutoff.
  • HEPA technology.
  • Detachable canister.
  • No battery power.
  • No odor eliminator.


Is it good for both short pile and long pile carpets?
It does a terrific job on both short pile carpets and long pile carpets.

What attachments come with this vacuum cleaner?
It comes with a crevice tool, pet power brush, dust-away attachment for bare floors, and a dusting brush.

Final Thoughts

This device is a very good bargain as far as its capabilities to clean almost any surface in the home from long pile carpets on stairs to tile floors. It is great for hair removal.