The Best Vacuums for Long Hair

To refresh the carpet between general cleaning, to assemble the upholstery of pets from the upholstery of the sofa or quickly clean the plinths and cornices, it is not necessary to waste time on assembling the household vacuum cleaner. Vertical manual vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners Handstick – a convenient solution for local cleaning, has already earned a well-deserved popularity.

What is the Best Vacuum for Long Hair

01. Vacuums for Long Hair

Now the market is most widely represented vertical vacuum cleaners of the “2-in-1” design, so manufacturers mark models that can be used both as a traditional vertical vacuum cleaner and as a compact manual vacuum cleaner.

The number of names (vertical manual, handstick, 2-in-1) can be confusing, but the principle of operation remains unchanged: the vacuum cleaner is disconnected from the suction pipe, and it becomes manual. In general, all vacuum cleaners of this type are distinguished by high maneuverability, therefore the main source of classification was the power source:

  • from the battery or batteries;
  • from the network;
  • combined models.

Most often in a vertical manual vacuum cleaner a removable battery with the possibility of recharging is supplemented with a standard power cord. The fact is that with all the convenience of wireless models, they can not provide the same power as vacuum cleaners operating from the network – even the most modern batteries do not have enough capacity for long-term motor power.

Therefore, the combined type is especially popular: the vacuum cleaner can be used both indoors and out, without tying the work to the presence of the outlet.

Vertical manual vacuum cleaners with a dust bag on the handle are a common household appliance in American homes, but this class of devices appeared relatively recently in the European market. To purchase does not disappoint, it is worthwhile to understand the main characteristics and specific features of devices in advance.


Convenience and mobility is the main advantage of these “kids”. But for serious cleaning it is better to use larger models: modern vacuum cleaners with a bag, “visual” with a bulb and multifunctional washing. And if you clean up all the same laziness – entrust it to new robots.

Vertical vacuum cleaners 2-in-1 sparingly consume electricity – power consumption varies between 150-200 watts, but they can not boast of high suction power.

In order to collect dust from smooth surfaces, a standard 10-watt model is sufficient. Vacuum cleaners with a capacity of 30 watts can be used to clean carpets, and more powerful – for the usual cleaning of the house. When buying, it is also worth considering that hand-held vacuum cleaners that run on battery power switch to economy mode and suction power drops.

Battery capacity

Virtually all vertical manual vacuum cleaners are equipped with a battery, but the battery life varies greatly from model to model. If the vacuum cleaner plans to use parts outside the home where it can not be plugged into an outlet, the capacity of the battery is critical.

To clean did not have to be interrupted for a 4-hour charge, it is worth considering options that provide at least 20 minutes of battery life. The optimal choice is a vacuum cleaner, the charge of which will last for 30-40 minutes. The most capacious batteries are lithium-ion batteries, that is, they have the marking Li-Ion.