The Best Vacuums for Stairs on the Market

A good vacuum cleaner can make any difficult work bearable. In our review of the best vacuum cleaners we have included machines with dust bag and without, wireless vacuum cleaners, cylindrical and vertical, each of which has been completely test by us.

What’s the Best Vacuum for Stairs

Here you need to make two key choices. First, you need to choose between a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag and without.

Nevertheless, there is another option – wireless vacuum cleaners. This is a new trend in this area. Most of these machines do not have the same power as wired vacuum cleaners, ┬áby maneuverability and simplicity. Getting rid of the cable, you make it much easier to clean up in hard-to-reach places, so these vacuum cleaners are a cool alternative if you already have a decent wired vacuum cleaner for harder work.

The company Dyson made popular vacuum cleaners without a bag-dust bag, but there are clear advantages and disadvantages for both types. The main advantage of a vacuum cleaner without a bag for collecting dust is that it does not lose suction power, or, in extreme cases, it only slightly decreases, as the vacuum cleaner fills. The performance characteristics of different brands vary depending on the quality of the system of devices.

The problem with vacuum cleaners without bag is that they can throw dust back into your room when you clean them, unless you are very careful about it. Moreover, it is in this situation that the best are vacuum cleaners with dust bag, especially with self-sealing bags, which are use, for example, by Miele. If you are an allergic person, a vacuum cleaner with a bag will be a better option for you.

Another advantage of the lack of a dust bag is that you do not need to buy bags, which ultimately allows you to save a little. However, most vacuum cleaners without bags require a monthly cleaning of the filter, which means that you leave the filter to dry for at least 24 hours. The only exception to this is some new Dyson models – one of the first vacuum cleaners that do not have any filter at all.

Whether you choose a vertical or cylindrical vacuum cleaner – this, for the most part, depends on the style of the car that you prefer. Classically, cylindrical vacuum cleaners are easier to store, but pulling them around with them can get bored. Such a vacuum cleaner is also not very suitable for those with back problems, as you will often have to bend over to lift it.

A good vertical vacuum cleaner will easily sweep across your floor. In addition, usually this species has a wider cleaning nozzle, which covers a large area in one movement. Maybe you will have to contrive to get a vertical vacuum cleaner under the furniture, but some of the models are design to save you from this problem.