5 Best-Rated Vacuums for Vinyl Floors


Bissell Featherweight Lightweight Stick Vacuum: Great for Vinyl Plank Floors

Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum Lightweight Bagless
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(562 Reviews)

The Bissell Featherweight vacuum is a powerful machine capable of cleaning your entire house from floor to ceiling. Even though it’s primarily designed as an upright model, you can also turn it into a handheld vac. This enables you to fuse the power of a traditional vacuum with the portability of smaller units.

You can clean luxury vinyl floors, low-fiber carpets, and tiles as well as upholstery and curtains. The latter is possible thanks to the removable canister. The set also features a detachable extension wand. It’s used to access cracks and crevices that are unreachable by ordinary stick vacuums. The Bissell Featherweight is amazing at picking up dust, food crumbs, and other small particles.

The main brush is designed in such a way that it doesn’t damage your wooden floors. The unit itself is very lightweight and is easy to carry around the house. Besides, the handle is lowerable for convenient storage. Another cool fact about the Bissell Featherweight is how little noise it makes. You can use it without worrying about getting complaints from your neighbors or scaring your pets.

The dustbin has a solid capacity and is very easy to empty. Cleaning the container is even simpler thanks to the included little brush. You can also use the latter to clean the HEPA filter and make sure that the air exhausted by the vacuum is clean and free of allergens.

The only drawback we’d like to mention is a rather short power cord. We recommend using an extension cord if you have large rooms in your house.

Who It’s For

This stick vac is a top-rated model in the canister vacuum cleaners category. It’s perfectly suited for cleaning vinyl plank floors and hardwood surfaces. If your apartment doesn’t have shag carpeting, then the Bissell Featherweight vacuum will make your floors spotless with minimum effort!

  • Ultra-lightweight and compact.
  • Offers the functionality of a 2 in 1 vacuum.
  • Designed with hard surfaces in mind.
  • The motor runs very quietly.
  • Comes with a handy crevice tool.
  • The power cord is rather on the short side.
  • Doesn’t run well on thick carpets.


Can I use this model to clean under furniture?
Yes, you can lay the unit flat for better reach.

Does this vacuum leave scratch marks on hardwood floors?
No, it’s completely safe for your wooden floors.

How good is this item at sucking in animal fur?
It does an adequate job but isn’t too powerful in this regard.

Final Thoughts

The Bissell Featherweight is among the best vacuums for vinyl floors. It offers impressive suction, a compact unit, and convenient storage. Moreover, you can hold it in your hand, avoiding the hassle usually associated with upright vacuums. This vacuum is great not only for use on hardwood floors, but is also suitable for carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(578 Reviews)

The DEEBOT N79S is the embodiment of a powerful robot vacuum. It employs a 3-Stage cleaning mechanism by combining powerful suction, a broad primary brush, and several secondary brushes. Additionally, it offers you four unique cleaning modes to choose from. This vacuum cleaner works well on hardwood floors, low carpeting, and linoleum surfaces.

Controlling the N79S is very simple. You can download a special app and command the vacuum via Wifi. Moreover, you can even issue voice commands. Additionally, the app enables you to create, change, and monitor cleaning schedules. Another option of controlling this robotic cleaner is to employ the included remote. It offers similar functionality and doesn’t require an Internet connection.

The battery contained in this little vacuum deserves a special mention. It can support the device for up to 2 hours with a single charge. This should be enough to clean several rooms. Besides, the DEEBOT tank’s capacity is fully capable of supporting such a cleanup.

This robotic vacuum has the best sensors you can find on the market. The anti-collision sensor prevents the N79S from bumping into chairs and tables in your home. Meanwhile, the anti-drop sensor is great for locating stairs and other potential drop points. Once the cleaning is done, this vacuum goes back to its base on its own without requiring your attention.

All of the above means that the DEEBOT N79S doesn’t need a lot of maintenance on your part. Just set up a schedule, choose the correct mode, and you’re good to go.

Who It’s For

The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S is ideally suited for people who want to avoid the hassle of cleaning their homes by themselves. This robot vacuum serves that purpose perfectly. It’s compact, lightweight, and can be controlled either via Wifi or the included controller. Either way, you can rest assured that your apartment will be clean and your floor protected from brush- or wheel-caused damage.

  • Does a nice job of navigating the room.
  • Offers several cleaning settings.
  • Can cross over slight thresholds between rooms.
  • Works adequately on carpets.
  • Automatically returns to the charger base when low on battery.
  • The “single room” mode doesn’t work well in rooms without doors.
  • The vacuum can’t be used on dark floor surfaces.


How efficient is this vacuum at picking up pet fur?
The N79S is perfectly suited for sucking in animal hair from hard surfaces without it getting stuck in the brush.

Is there a warranty included with this product?
Yes, the manufacturer provides a 1-year limited warranty.

Why can’t this vacuum be used on dark tiles?
Because the machine’s sensor treats black surfaces as “drop off” points.

Final Thoughts

The DEEBOT N79 is considered to be among the best robot vacuums for vinyl floors. It runs smoothly on wooden surfaces, doesn’t scratch them, and is very efficient at cleaning due to the powerful suction. Moreover, this vacuum has an impressive battery life and possesses the potential to clean your entire house in one go.

Kenmore 81214 Bagged Canister Vac: Best for Hardwood & Vinyl Floors

Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(631 Reviews)

This bagged canister vacuum represents one of the most efficient cleaning devices for vinyl flooring on the market. It offers amazing suction for its size and weight. Such power is achieved thanks to the implemented Dual motor system. Moreover, the vacuum has two dedicated floor nozzles. They provide even more speed and efficiency to the cleaning process.

The unit has two main setting options. You can adjust both the height of the powerhead and the suction strength. This is great if you’re working on different surfaces. Choosing the right setting makes the vacuum very simple to steer. You can also get under couches and beds with it easily.

This kit comes with 2 extra cleaning tools. You can use them on area rugs, furniture, and other surface types. The included crevice tool is designed to get into corners, cracks and other isolated places that are usually left untouched by upright vacuum cleaners. The package also includes an extension wand. It’s perfect for reaching walls and ceilings. Your high-placed shelves and wardrobes will finally be cleaned without any problems.

The bags used with this canister vacuum are quite big and don’t need to be replaced very often. This model uses HEPA filters. They have passed all the necessary testing and are perfect for clearing the exhausted air from allergens and pollen.

Another cool feature of the vacuum is the cord retractor. It will save you a lot of time and ensure that the cord doesn’t get in your way while you’re making your way through the room.

Who It’s For

This canister vacuum cleaner is primarily aimed at people who want a powerful model with great flexibility. The machine is specifically created to clean hardwood surfaces, picking up all the debris in its path. Furthermore, thanks to the powerhead’s design, you don’t risk damaging your floors with the brush.

  • Requires minimal effort to push around.
  • Offers impressive suction strength.
  • The power head employs swivel steering for better reach.
  • Has a built-in dirt sensor for a more thorough clean.
  • Includes a handy accessory for cleaning ceiling fans.
  • The vacuum runs rather loudly.
  • The cord retractor doesn’t always pull the cord all the way back.


What kind of bags do I have to buy as a replacement?
This vacuum is bagless, so there’s no need to purchase replacements.

Is the included carpet accessory motorized?
Yes, it is.

How much does the Kenmore 81214 weigh?
The main unit’s weight stands at 23 lbs.

Final Thoughts

The Kenmore 81214 is a top-rated vacuum cleaner for vinyl plank floors. It employs a 2-motor system and offers tremendous suction. This vac is easy to maneuver, and the swivel head makes it perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach locations. Moreover, it includes several attachments that broaden the range of use of this item.

Dibea 600W Corded Push Vacuum: Budget Model for Vinyl Textured Floors

Dibea 600W Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.5 Stars
(329 Reviews)

The Dibea SC4588 corded vacuum cleaner is a cool budget model for vinyl textured floors. It offers 600W of power. This is an incredible amount for a 2 in 1 model. The provided suction is enough for cleaning debris from marble, tile, and hardwood floors.

This push vacuum effortlessly picks up food crumbs, dust, and hair. Moreover, you can take out the canister to gain better reach and use this cleaner as a handheld item. This allows you to clean upholstery and cars.

The unit has a large dustbin with a capacity of 1 liter. It should be enough for several sessions without emptying the container. Besides, cleaning the dustbin is easy and takes less than a minute.

We should also mention that the Dibea employs cyclonic HEPA filtration. It allows you to vacuum for hours without losing suction. Moreover, the exhausted air is clean and doesn’t contain any allergenic elements.

The weight of 4.5 pounds makes the SC4588 very simple to handle. It’s quite small and can be stored in your closet with ease. The Dibea has a large cord that is perfect if you have big rooms and want to avoid using extension cords.

Who It’s For

The Dibea is ideal for users who are searching for a good vacuum for luxury vinyl floors. The unit’s design prevents the wheels or the brush from leaving any scratches on their surface.

Moreover, due to the vacuum’s lightweight nature, you don’t risk straining your back or arms. It’s also perfect for pet owners due to its capability to suck in animal fur.

  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Picks up animal fur with ease and efficiency.
  • The unit has a long power cord so that you don’t have to use different outlets in a single room.
  • Fits nicely into small spaces.
  • Can stand on its own without any support.
  • Doesn’t leave scratches on vinyl flooring.
  • The suction power offered for plush carpeting is subpar.
  • The wheels don’t move very well on carpets.


Can I use this vacuum cleaner to suck in leaves in my backyard?
Such use isn’t recommended. The filter is rather small and isn’t designed to pick up a lot of debris of this size.

How high is the handheld unit without the stick part?
When used as a handheld vac, the Dibea is about 19” high.

Is this model suitable to clean under narrow spaces such as kitchen counters?
Yes, it should fit without any problems.

Final Thoughts

The Dibea SC4588 offers a suction power of 600W. This corded vacuum is perfectly suited for cleaning hardwood and tile flooring as well as vinyl and ceramic surfaces. With a weight of merely 4.5 lbs, it’s highly maneuverable and enables you to reach even the most isolated parts of your rooms. You can cover the entire house in one cleaning session without exhausting yourself.

Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum: Recommended for Pets

HOOVER Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(9417 Reviews)

The Hoover Linx is an affordable vacuum cleaner that employs a cordless design. It’s powered by a Fade-Free battery system. This means that the suction power remains the same even after dozens of recharges. Additionally, the unit has a fuel gauge. It enables you to check how much battery life is left at any given moment.

The Hoover Linx supports multi-surface cleaning. You can transition from hardwood floors to carpeting without skipping a beat. The unit also has a broad cleaning path, which lets you cover more ground than a typical cordless vac.

Since the Linx is cordless, you have the freedom to use it anywhere you need. You don’t have to search for the nearest power outlet like you would with a regular vac. You can clean the floors in your living room, kitchen, or take it to your garage and vacuum the car seats.

The unit has a recline handle. It enables you to access isolated spots under furniture without having to move around tables and couches. There are also several setting switches located on the handle for more control.

Another cool feature of the Linx is the WindTunnel mechanism. It creates a cyclone effect to move the debris away from the filter and maintain strong suction.

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for users who may be dissatisfied with their purchase.

Who It’s For

This cordless vacuum is the perfect solution for pet owners. If you have cats or dogs that tend to shed much fur, then the Hoover Linx is the vacuum you’re looking for. Since it’s cordless, you can pick up the hair not only from your floors, but from couches, armchairs, and even your clothes. The battery lasts for a long time and allows you to clean several rooms in a single go!

  • The unit is cordless for more portability.
  • A battery life indicator is included.
  • The unit is small and lightweight.
  • Comes with a switch for transitioning to different surfaces.
  • The dust canister is transparent.
  • There aren’t any accessories available for this model.
  • Long hair tends to get stuck between the bristles.


How long does a single battery charge last for?
The battery has a lifecycle of about 20 to 25 minutes.

Does this vacuum scratch vinyl floors?
No, it’s perfectly suited for hardwood and laminate flooring. Just make sure you use the first setting that disables the rotating brush.

How much noise does this model make?
It’s satisfyingly quiet for a vacuum cleaner.

Final Thoughts

The Hoover Linx is considered to be among the best vacs for vinyl floors. It has a sleek design and can be used either as a stick vacuum or a handheld device. It’s powered by a Lithium-Ion battery that has a long lifecycle. Additionally, this model employs the WindTunnel technology for efficiently picking up pet hair, dust, and other debris.