The Best Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

Vacuum cleaners of washing type can not only clean the rooms of dust, but also clean the floors thoroughly. After all, in the water for cleaning, effective detergents are added, giving a minimum of foam. And even such a device can easily remove wet garbage, which a conventional vacuum cleaner can not cope with. Impressed with all these advantages, a person is ready to go for a purchase. Often stops him one thing: he does not know how to choose a washing vacuum cleaner. To help those at the crossroads – this article.

What is the Best Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

01. Vacuum-for-Vinyl-Floors

The principle of operation for all devices equipped with a washing function is the same. They have a special container, which pours clean water and detergent. In the spraying mode, it passes through the hose under pressure to the nozzle, spreading over its entire surface and wetting the floor. Then, under the influence of rarefied air, collected from the floor surface, the dirty liquid leaves through the mud passages into the second tank – for dirty water.

After the work of such a vacuum cleaner, the entire floor surface becomes equally clean, nowhere is there any stains or divorces. This quality of cleaning can be achieved thanks to a constant supply of clean water. Washed linoleum, tile and laminate dry almost instantly. A couple of minutes on the clean floor can already safely walk. In principle, a solid floor covering is cleaned with a simple mop. But to clean and refresh the carpet, returning to him bright colors, only a washing vacuum cleaner can do.

Such devices that can wash the floor can be identified in a separate class. They, like the usual vacuum cleaners, are able to produce a high quality dry cleaning. However, if necessary, you can always turn on the wet cleaning mode, which allows you not only to wash the floor covering, but also to collect wet garbage.

For daily needs, especially in a small apartment, the washing vacuum cleaner is not very convenient to use. It is quite bulky and requires a lot of storage space, it has a noticeable weight and is not always capable of driving. And after cleaning it will have to be dismantled for parts that require washing and drying. Time for this takes a lot, so the owners of small rooms should take a closer look at conventional vacuum cleaners.

But it is good to use washing units in those apartments or houses where the area for cleaning is large enough. They will also be useful for owners of pets – such a vacuum cleaner will bring together a wool, even a damp one. And those who prefer to cover the floor with fluffy carpets, it’s also a good idea to buy such a device. Best of all, he copes with general cleaning, quickly processing large areas. However, some owners of large apartments enjoy using vacuum cleaners even for frequent cleaning.