The Best Vacuums for Wood floors

Perhaps, parquet is the only floor covering, combining beauty, naturalness and durability. But, like any other natural material, wood requires careful treatment and care. Parquet floors are not recommended to be washed too often, especially for oil and wax coatings, the humidity for which is often disastrous. However, no matter how careful the attitude to the parquet floor, on its surface, in one way or another, excess contaminants and dust will accumulate, which can be eliminated by a properly selected vacuum cleaner for the parquet.

Which Vacuum Best for Hardwood Floors

The main function of some modern models of vacuum cleaners is precisely in cleaning the parquet floor. Their feature from other vacuum cleaners is the presence of several special attachments and brushes that do not scratch the surface of the floor, as well as in silicone rotary elements, which do not interfere with the movement of the unit on a parquet board.

If you are planning to buy a regular vacuum cleaner and special nozzles for cleaning parquet, then choose this device, based on its main characteristics. By and large, if you use the vacuum cleaner more often for cleaning parquet and laminate, then the brand of the device and its power do not matter much, because absolutely any unit will well remove dirt and dust from a smooth and even surface. It is much more important in this case to choose suitable attachments.

A good nozzle for a vacuum cleaner for parquet should be cover with especially soft materials, which, when in contact with the floor, will not leave even on its surface. Such qualities are pile, felt, camel wool, and special fabric. There are also a number of attachments with a rubber or silicone coating, which together with cleaning polish the parquet board. Another good device for reliable and careful removal of the strongest contaminants is a horsehair brush, whose structure can not damage even the most brittle surface.

In addition, a vacuum cleaner with a brush for parquet should have a special shape. Since the parquet board is very susceptible to any mechanical influences, it is not recommended to move furniture over it. It is also impossible to lift all objects in the room every time during harvesting. To facilitate the process of putting things in order in a room with parquet, it is worth buying a flat and narrow nozzle that can penetrate to the most remote corners of the room. In addition to these forms of attachments, you can use triangular nozzles, which perfectly clean the corners of the rooms. Those who dream of perfect purity will certainly like rotary nozzles, which in the process of work can change their shape, penetrating into all corners and cramps. Typically, moving nozzles are equipped with several modes, so that they can be used in rooms with different floor coverings.

However, when choosing a vacuum cleaner and nozzles for dry cleaning of parquet, it is important to track not only the softness of the brush nap, but also the safety of all structural elements. Ideally, all brush parts that come in contact with the floor must be either made of special material or covered with silicone fuses. Otherwise, there will be damage to the wooden floor surface, which will subsequently lead to deformation and expensive repairs.