Everybody wants their home to look as appealing as it can be whether it is a mansion or an ordinary house. They make this possible by paying attention to features that can make or break a home. Staircases play an important role in the appearance of any home, and it is crucial to keep this in mind when choosing a floor covering for stairs.

There are several ways you can cover your stairs, and this will depend on your personal preferences, the condition of the house and whether you can afford it or not.  Carpet and wood flooring have good and bad consequences which you should be well aware of before making any decisions.

Flooring options for stairs

There are so many flooring options you can choose from when looking for a covering or replacement for your staircase.


carpet-stairsCarpet for stairs is one of the most common and most preferred stair coverings in residential places. They come in various colors and designs, and you will never run out of ideas to choose from, and a combination of multiple colors would be even better. The condition that a house is in will determine whether one should put a carpet on stairs or not.


wood-stairsWood flooring is another good option to cover your stairs. There are many different types of wood flooring including oak, ash, hickory, and more and these come with different qualities, different colors, and designs. Wood does not collect a lot of dust and pet hairs compared to carpets.


laminate-stairsLaminate is a cheaper floor covering for stairs. It is designed to look like other flooring materials. Laminate is cheap and easy to install. Maintaining laminate is also quite easy since it can be cleaned easily and maintenance can be done quickly using readily available tools in the house.


glass-stairsIt is not very common, but glass tiles can be used as stair flooring. Unlike the ordinary glass, this is designed to be sturdy and shatterproof. Glass tiles come in various colors, and they can be arranged creatively to achieve the desired look. They make a home beautiful and unique and add brightness to the house.

Carpet vs. Wood Stairs



Safety should always come first an as unbelievable as it may sound a carpet will not prevent you from slipping and falling down the stairs. Slippery carpet stairs are however not as dangerous as hardwood floors since they provide a soft landing thus the fall will hurt a little less. A staircase rug is also soft to the feet. Having a carpet that is too thick may cause one to trip over especially if there are active children in the house.


Wood stairs can be a dangerous option because apart from being slippery they are not cushioned thus one might seriously get hurt. They are also dangerous because hardwood becomes slippery when it is wet or if one is wearing socks or slippery shoes. This, however, shouldn’t stop you from getting wood flooring for your stairs as there are ways you can make them less slippery. You can install stair treads which are essentially non-slip pads on your wood stairs.

Installation and Techniques


Carpeting stairs may be a bit difficult, and it may also take a lot of time as several things need to be done before the actual rug is installed. Stairways can be carpeted using two techniques which are the stairway technique and the cap and band method. The waterfall technique is faster and uses it uses only one strip to the carpet while the cap and band method uses two separate pieces of carpet on each stair.


Installing a wooden staircase is a long process, but it will be worth your time when it is finished. It is best to let a professional do the installation for best results. Since there are several types of wood, each needs to be handled the way it should be, and you need to know well about the kind of wood you are using.

Noise Reduction


A staircase rug does a great job of reducing noise, and it would work well on noisy steps. The carpet absorbs sound way more than hardwood so you will not have to hear footsteps every time someone is going up or coming down the stairs. For old and squeaky stairs, however, a carpet will not do much to help with the noise.


Such stairs are poor at absorbing sound and you will more often than not hear sounds of steps each time a person uses the staircase. If you are a person who likes silence and his/her sense of well-being, then you might most likely end up replacing your wooden stair with a carpeted one.



Carpet-CleaningCarpets are notorious at collecting and absorbing dust and allergens. They are difficult to clean especially the high pile carpets. You need to have a quality carpet vacuum cleaner most probably one with HEPA filter to trap all the dust. You should take care not to stain the carpet since you will have to wish it off and the carpet might not dry well leading to a damp and smelly house.


Cleaning-Wood-StairsWooden stairs do not trap a lot of dust and allergens, and they do not absorb them. You can easily clean a wooden staircase by sweeping and mopping the wood. Hardwood floors also dry quickly, so you don’t need to worry about mildew on wooden stairs. This makes it the best option for people who don’t have enough time to clean.

In any case, you can always use a vacuum designed specially for stairs, either you have carpeted stairs or wood stairs.



Carpeting the stairway makes a home feel warm and welcoming. Carpets can also be put on unattractive stairs. Since there are so many colors and designs you can choose a rug that will match the theme of your house or even go for more than one color for a creative look. You should not carpet the staircase of a modern hardwood themed house because it will make it feel outdated.


You can never go wrong with hardwood floors. A hardwood staircase gives a home a modern look. It goes well with different colors and themes, and thus you can install them without the hassle of matching your staircase with the rest of the house. You can easily restore the look of old wooden stairs by simply repainting them back to their original color or by using a new color.


Both carpet and wood stairs cost a lot of money to purchase and lay on the stairs.  Hardwood is however generally more expensive than carpets but it is also easier to maintain, and it lasts longer than a carpet. You will need to replace the rug after every few years, and this might eventually cost more than installing wooden stairs on floors.


While you are thinking of the flooring option you will go with you should also think of ways to minimize the expenses. You can learn how to install carpet or hardwood on stairs by following the many tutorials on the internet. All you need to have are the tools and materials required plus the knowledge that you already have about how to lay carpets or hardwood on stairs, and nothing can stop you from transforming your house into a home that many can dream of.