Carpeted stairs make a home more cozy and fancy especially if the carpet blends in with the interior design of the house. In addition, they help reduce the noise of people climbing up and down the stairs. However, for most homeowners, keeping your stairs clean is not easiest work.

Here is the best way on how to clean carpet on stairs in five easy steps.

How to Clean Carpeted Stairs

First of all, make sure you have the following equipment. They will be used in cleaning the stairs carpet.

  1. Stiff/scrub brush: this is a brush with stiff bristles for loosening the debris that has stuck and hardened on the stair carpet.
  2. A vacuum cleaner: this will help in sucking loose dirt off your rug. If possible it is better to get a cordless model to vacuum stairs since it will not limit you in terms of distance. The vacuum cleaner should also be lightweight; you can be struggling with an extra heavy vacuum cleaner at the top of a staircase since you risk falling off.
  3. Shampoo: this will help clean the carpet as you scrub it.
  4. Carpet cleaner: this will be used for removing excess water from the rug after scrubbing. If you don’t have this, you could look for an absorbent towel(s).

Now let’s get into the process. We shall go through it step by step to ensure that the process is clear.

Step 1: Scrubbing off hardened debris and dirt using Stiff Brush

Step-1-Using-Stiff-BrushYou should start from the top moving downwards. Identify any dirt that has hardened and stuck on the stair carpet and use a scrub brush to scrub it off. You should pay special attention to the edges and corners. This way, you will loosen the dirt and make it easy to collect.

Once you are done with one staircase, brush the loosened dirt downward to avoid stepping on it, making it stick on the rug again. Continue working your way downwards to the last stair at the bottom.

Step 2: Removing the loosened dirt using a vacuum cleaner

After all the stairs have been scrubbed to loosen the dirt, pick up your vac and suck the loosened dirt off the rug.

Ensure you still start from the top moving downwards to avoid trampling dirt back to the rug. You should also carry your scrub brush along in case you notice some dirt that you have trampled back into the rug.

Step 3: Cleaning using Shampoo

Once all the loosened dirt has been picked using a vacuum cleaner, it is time to clean the carpeted stairs using a cleaning agent. The best agent is the carpet shampoo.

One of the ways of applying the carpet shampoo is by hand using the scrub brush. You should ensure that you pay special attention to those areas of the rug that look too much soiled.

Actually, when using the scrub brush, you will be able to not those soil area easily and also scrub them more. This makes this the best way to clean the stairs.

Alternatively, if you feel using a scrub brush is too tiring, you can use a shampooer for stairs, which is a stairs cleaning machine that applies the carpet shampoo on the stairs and also scrubs the stairs.  However, it might be difficult to work on edges and corners using the shampooer for stairs and you might still be required to use your scrub brush for these areas.

Thirdly, you could use a carpet cleaning machine with a special attachment for stairs. The whole carpet cleaning machine is quite bulky and heavy for cleaning stairs.

Step 4: Drying the carpet

The rug will be soaked in water after cleaning with the shampoo. If left to dry on its own, it could take days or weeks and mold would start growing on it.

Therefore, you should artificially dry the carpet. The best way to dry the carpet is by using a dry/wet vacuum cleaner or a carpet cleaner. Again remember the best choice is the portable one.

Alternatively, you could use highly absorbent towels to soak the water out of the carpet. However, this is time-consuming and it will also not end up drying the rug completely.

Step 5: Freshening the stairs carpet and removing any debris after washing using a vacuum cleaner

First, give the carpet time to completely dry naturally after drying it with the machine or absorbent towels. Preferably, you should leave the rug to dry overnight.

Once you are certain the stair carpet is dry, use your vacuum cleaner to freshen the fabric of the carpet and also remove any loose debris that could have arisen while scrubbing it with cleaners.

As you use the vac, also try to feel the carpet for any wetness so as to avoid stepping on the wet areas and making them soiled. If you identify wet areas, use the dry/wet vacuum cleaner to dry them up.

To maintain the stairs carpet clean for a long time, you should vacuum it often, preferably, once per day.