Having multiple flooring types at home requires different methods of cleaning. An especially when it comes to washing of different types of tile floors.

Of course, you can use the same method for different types of surfaces, but remember that some are very easy to damage and scratch. That’s why it is important to take care of the condition of the surface covering by choosing the right way of washing.

There are a lot of factors to consider before cleaning ceramic, stone, porcelain, wood surfaces. Over the time tile can have dirt and mildew. This significantly changes the surface of the tile and lead to color change. To make sure, you won’t have this problem, we’ve decided to share with you how to clean tile floors and found out the best ways to do so.

Best Ways to Clean Tile Floors

There are different methods of cleaning tile floors. All are different but very effective.

The first method is to use a tile floor cleaner. Today’s markets offer a great variety of new vacs. They are a perfect solution to keep tile floors clean in an easy way. Vacs effectively lift up small and big debris like food crumbs. Also, vacs simply suck pet hair and dust.

The second method requires only to dump mop. Mopping helps to get rid of spilled juice, oil, some sauces, and even cat urine.

The next method is a great alternative to commercial cleaning liquids you can find up to sale today. Vinegar is perfect for spot removal. Plus, this product also nicely removes stains. Using vinegar helps to eliminate odors.

Another alternative to commercial cleaning liquids is baking soda. As well as a vinegar it is great for stains removal and grouts maintenance.

The last, but not least method is using rubbing alcohol. It is an easy and quick way to remove the stain from the ceramic surface and to wash stone tile floors. If you want to get rid of old stains on white tile, this method is very effective. It is also very good at removing dirty ink stains.

Basic Tile Flooring Care

Basic-caring-for-tileBasic caring for tiled surfaces shouldn’t be time-consuming and demanding. That’s why the best and the easiest method is using vinegar, baking soda or rubbing alcohol. The good thing is that all three substances are always right in your kitchen. It is not recommended to use these solutions on a wooden tile floor.

To mop tile floors with vinegar, you need only mop and bucket with hot water. Such an easy-care method will leave your surface polished.

To maintain hard surfaces with baking soda, prepare your old toothbrush, a small bowl with water and cotton cloth. It will effectively help to get rid of stains.

Maintaining with rubbing alcohol is pretty the same. Just in addition to old toothbrush and water, get a spray bottle for an easy spread of the mixture.

Deep Clean Tile Floor Techniques

steam-cleaner-for-tile-floorIn comparison to basic cleaning, a deep clean requires more complex procedure. And using only a mop isn’t enough. In such a case, we highly recommend to use a floor tiles cleaner with the steam clean feature.

Use extra attachments, such as crevice tool and brush roll. After a thorough vacuuming, mop floors with hot water. For extra effectiveness add vinegar, baking soda, or rubbing alcohol.

How to Clean Ceramic/ Porcelain Tiles?

Maintaining ceramic tile or porcelain tile isn’t an easy task. Sometime it can very tricky and demanding, especially when you have some old stains left. To keep your ceramic and porcelain floors tidy and stain-free follow the next tips:


  • Step 1

Start with removing dust and small debris. To do so, use a dry dust mop or vac. Pay extra attention to corners and between lines area.

  • Step 2

For dirt removal use a soft brush. Use a small amount of water and gently scrub tile and between-lines areas.

  • Step 3

Mop ceramic with a cleaning solution for stains. Today`s market offers a great variety of professional solutions. But, a great alternative to commercial cleaning liquids is right in your kitchen. Add vinegar to hot water, and you will be surprised with results.

  • Step 4

Finish floor maintenance with drying and buffing floors with a soft microfiber cloth. After this surface looks shiny.

Best Way to Clean Stone Tile Floors

Clean-Stone-Tile-FloorsEven being one of the most durable floor coverings, stone tile floors require an effective and careful attitude. There are several methods to regularly keep your floors beautiful and tidy.

The quickest and easiest way of maintaining stone tile surfaces is using a vacuum. Just choose the one with a hard floor setting.

Mopping is also a good idea. For effective maintenance with a mop, choose a stone washer. It ensures soft washing and damage prevention of a surface.

How to Clean Grout Lines?

Washing grout lines is one of the most impart and demanding tasks when it comes to tile floor maintenance. Here is step by step guidance of best way to clean tile floors between line area.


  • Step 1

Use a soft nylon brush and scrub the grout. Be very careful and apply brush in slow circular motions.

  • Step 2

Prepare a cleaning solution. Mix bleach with water in a proportion of 1:10. Scrub a between lines area with prepared cleaning solution. Then, wipe the surface with a fiber cloth

  • Step 3

Disinfect grout lines with a self-prepared mixture of vinegar and hot water. Take a brush and thoroughly apply the solution on grout. Softly scrub and wipe with a soft fiber cloth.

The Effectiveness of The Tile Floor Cleaners

There is a wide range of tile cleaners from vacs with hard floor mode to cleaning solutions. All products are designed for effective vacuuming, washing, and maintaining different types of tile surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and other areas.

Each product shows its own effectiveness. For example, vacs are effective in lifting up small and big debris and sucking pet hair and dust. While cleaning liquids are great for getting rid of stains, grout, keeping a surface shiny. Plus, they are crucial when it comes to disinfection.

For effective cleaning, we highly recommend to combine vacuuming and cleaning with solutions. Then, your routine will be always very efficient.