8 Easy Keto Chocolate Donut Recipes to Satisfy Cravings

Who doesn’t love chocolate donuts? Following a keto diet will not prohibit you from enjoying donuts. Check out this list of 8 Easy Keto Chocolate Donut Recipes.

8. Keto Baked Chocolate Donuts

These low-carb dark chocolate donuts (aka doughnuts here in Britain) are baked rather than fried and use a low-carb sweetener instead of sugar to keep your blood sugar levels more stable.

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7. Low Carb Double Chocolate Baked Keto Donut Recipe


Image credit: grassfedgirl

This Low Carb Double Chocolate Baked Keto Donut Recipe packs a punch of nutrition and taste with just a 2.3 g per donut. It will become your favorite guilt free treat for paleo, low carb, Ketogenic, gluten, dairy and sugar free dieters around the year!

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6. Keto Donuts


These amazing keto donuts taste almost like the real thing. The moist, delicate crumb and the luscious chocolate glaze are wonderful!

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5. Chocolate Cinnamon Keto Donuts

5_Chocolate Cinnamon Keto Donuts

These keto donuts are flavored with chocolate and cinnamon.  Baked with coconut flour they are a healthier alternative to store-bought donuts.

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4. Chocolate Cake Donut

4_Chocolate Cake Donut

These chocolate cake donuts with no yeast are paleo donuts for any season!  Topped with glaze and sprinkles these keto chocolate donuts are just delicious!

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3. Keto Chocolate Cake Donuts

3_Keto Chocolate Cake Donuts

These keto chocolate donuts are made with coconut flour and dipped in a dreamy sugar-free chocolate glaze. My kids declared these to be the best low carb donuts I have ever made!

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2. Keto Chocolate Donut

2_Keto Chocolate Donut

A rich, yet moist keto chocolate donut topped with a chocolate glaze – everything you could want in a breakfast treat and more!

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1. Mini Chocolate Keto Donuts

1_Mini Chocolate Keto Donuts

Learn how to make this mini keto donuts recipe with chocolate and almond butter!  If you’re easing off of carbs this is the perfect chocolate keto donut.  There is no need to give up donuts completely with this recipe!

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