8 Easy Low Carb Hot Cross Buns: Best Keto Recipes for Easter

Those who are on the keto diet also want to celebrate Easter! But what is Easter without hot cross buns? We have prepared a keto buns option for you. Try these 8 Easy Low Carb Hot Cross Buns. Happy Easter!

8. Keto Hot Cross Buns

8_Keto Hot Cross Buns

These keto hot cross buns have all of the wonderful spice and flavour you would remember from the traditional version without all the carbs from the flour, sugar and the dried fruit. Served warm and topped with some good quality butter, that is all you need for the perfect keto Easter.

Full recipe.


7. Hot Cross Buns | Gluten Free & Keto

7_Hot Cross Buns

A true Easter special! Expect these gluten free and keto hot cross buns (with actual yeast!) to be extra fluffy, beautifully spiced and a real delight!



6. Paleo Keto Hot Cross Buns

6_Paleo Keto Hot Cross Buns

Enjoy these soft and pillowy Keto hot cross buns for Easter! These gorgeous, fragrant yeast rolls are gluten free, paleo and taste absolutely delicious – as always, not eggy at all.

Check out the recipe by Sugarfreelondoner.com.


5. Low-Carb Hot Cross Buns

5_Low-Carb Hot Cross Buns

Easter is nearly here. You know what that means, don’t you? Hot. Cross. Buns. Everywhere.

Here goes the easy recipe.


4. Keto Hot Cross Buns

4_Keto Hot Cross Buns

These low carb and keto-friendly hot cross buns are a delicious treat to make for Easter brunch. The buns are spiced, lightly sweetened, and finished with icing. These buns are also gluten-free, yeast-free and easy to make.

Here goes the recipe.


3. Deliciously Easy Keto Hot Cross Buns

3_Deliciously Easy Keto Hot Cross Buns

Beautiful soft Keto Hot Cross Buns for Easter that are gluten, grain and sugar free.



2. Low Carb Hot Cross Buns

2_Low Carb Hot Cross Buns

Low-carb hot cross buns are the holy grail at Easter, in fact, any time of year these little spicey buns are great to make.

Check the instructions by Ditchthecarbs.com


1. Keto Hot Cross Buns

1_Keto Hot Cross Buns

Dense, moist, easy to make and perfectly spiced. These Keto Hot Cross Buns won’t fool anyone, but are delicious nonetheless!

Here goes the easy recipe.