7 Easy Non Alcoholic Keto Drinks for Hot Summer Days

What could be better than a sip of a refreshing drink on a hot summer day? For those on a keto diet and a healthy diet, we have prepared a list of incredible keto summer drink recipes that will refresh, cool, and cheer you up.

7. Keto Watermelon-Lime Cooler

7_Keto Watermelon-Lime Cooler

With just 5 ingredients, this probiotic Trim Healthy Mama/Keto Watermelon-Lime Cooler is a non-alcoholic, sugar-free way to beat the summer heat!

Check out the amazing recipe.


6. Keto Sugar-free Pop-like Tea Soda

6_Keto Sugar-free Pop-like Tea Soda

A healthy soda recipe made with mineral water and brewed tea – a perfect no sugar, keto approach to satisfy your craving for fizzy drinks, soda, pop or coke.

Here goes the easy recipe.


5. Low Carb Strawberry Lemonade

5_Low Carb Strawberry Lemonade

Craving a deliciously sweet keto-friendly drink? Try our amazing Low Carb Strawberry Lemonade! Made with fresh fruit and only 3 grams carbs per glass!

Check out the amazing recipe.


4. Easy Lime and Mint Refresher

4_Easy Lime and Mint Refresher

Spring is a special season–a time of rejuvenation after a long, cold winter.  It’s so exciting to see the blossoming flowers, and the budding green leaves.  With the world turning green, it makes me want to eat and drink some spring food, like this easy lime and mint refresher.

Here goes the recipe.


3. Orange Creamsicle Shake {Keto-Friendly, No Added Sugar}

3_Orange Creamsicle Shake

This refreshing, keto-friendly shake takes less than five minutes to make! Best of all, it’s customizable, so add almond milk or heavy whipping cream to make it your way. Enjoy these classic flavors for breakfast, as a midday snack, or after a workout. With only 6g of carbs and 180 calories per serving, it’s the perfect low-carb summer drink.

Full recipe. 


2. Easy Sugar-Free Keto Lemonade Recipe

2_Easy Sugar-Free Keto Lemonade Recipe

An ice-cold glass of lemonade is the perfect thirst quencher on a hot summer day. But, most lemonade is full of sugar, so I’m sharing this Easy Sugar-free Keto Lemonade recipe to help you enjoy the refreshing tart flavor of traditional lemonade with none of the added sugar and carbs.

Here goes the easy recipe.


1. Keto Thai Tea Recipe: No Sugar, Low Carb Thai Iced Tea

1_Keto Thai Tea Recipe

This extremely popular Thai drink is ridiculously refreshing, flavorful, and fragrant. It can be a wonderful way to keep cool on a hot day. Or, it can work equally well as a sweet treat with any meal, any time of the year. But is Thai iced tea keto-friendly? Our keto Thai tea recipe replaces all the sugar while keeping the same taste!

Here goes the recipe by Convenientketo.net.