Eureka Vacuum Reviews: FloorRover NEU562A, 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

Eureka offers quality vacuum cleaners. Their pricing is also fair and affordable. The technology used in making their products befits the modern day cleaning requirements. This tackles two of their products the EurekaRover NEU562A and the 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum.

EurekaRover NEU562A – Overview

01. Eureka FloorRover Versatile Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner NEU562A

This bagless vacuum cleaner is built for easy maneuverability around the furniture. It has a big wheel system that glides gracefully on the floor and a swivel steering to wide area cleaning coverage. The suction pressure of is also powerful enough to assist you to achieve proper cleaning results.

Key Features

Pet Turbo Brush: The turbo pet brush is self-adjusting with spinning turbo blades. This allows it to pick pet hair and dander effectively from upholstery, floor, and bedding.

State of the art Swivel Steering: EurekaRover NEU562A is an upright vacuum cleaner that can rotate all through 360 degrees to assist you to reach out to corners and clean them much better.

Small and Large particle separation: This Eureka vacuum can be able to separate small particles from larger ones. This will prevent suction clogging. It is achieved by using multi-stage cyclone System.

Has Easy Glide Wheels: The big wheel technology is employed in making this vacuum. It can, therefore, transition gracefully across the floor, rugs, and carpet.

Large Dust Cup: The large dust cup can accommodate a lot of waste and saves you the time of emptying and cost of replacement bag purchases.

Washable Filters: The filter will assist you to cut the costs of maintenance. All you need is to clean them with cold running tap water – nothing more.

Variety in Upholstery Tools: Not only do you have the pet turbo brush, but also you will have you can open the brush to reveal a felt strip used for delicate surface cleaning.


  • It is a straight vacuum suitable for cleaning corners of the house
  • It can swivel over a wide angle to allow wide area of cleaning
  • Does not get clogged due to separation of large and small particles
  • The big wheels allow easy maneuverability
  • Has a flexible telescopic crevices tool for hard to reach area
  • Has an extra-long cord that is 35-foot long to clean almost entire house without unplugging


  • It has a cord with a 35-feet limit. You might require to unplug and plug elsewhere to continue cleaning

Eureka 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum – Overview

02. Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

Vacuum is a lightweight, cordless, and handheld. It is suitable for instant cleaning and it is highly portable. It is quite affordable. It can reach out the regions that cannot be reached by other heavyweight vacuums.

Key Features

Lightweight and portable: With only 5-pound weight it can easily be carried all around the house

Cordless and Rechargeable: This is a vacuum cleaner on the go. You do not need to plug it into a power source in order to operate it just charge it and you will be good to go.

Handheld advantage: The vacuum has several handholding points. You can hold it close for cleaning car interiors or hold it via extendable arm when cleaning the floor.

Permanent Washable Filters: This significantly cuts down on the costs of maintenance. You wash the filter together with the Stick Vacuum.

Large Removable Dust Cup: The dust cup is big enough save you the time of emptying.

Has a motorized Brush: Eureka hand vacuums brushes have on and off switch for effective carpet cleaning.


  • It is cordless so you can move with it over a wide area in any place of the house
  • Fewer maintenance costs since the washable filters are permanently fitted
  • Can reach out to the crevices better and would be a better alternative to car interior cleaning
  • It is very much affordable yet it is as effective as other vacuums
  • The dust canister is big and removable so you should not invest in a dust bag
  • Has removable handles to convert between upright and handheld modes


  • Suited for light cleaning jobs only
  • The suction pressure might not be very high
  • Does not have pet dander smell filters


The Eureka FloorRover NEU562A can be bought together with Eureka 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum. You can use the first one for house cleaning and the Eureka 2-in-1 for reaching out to crevices and cleaning your car interiors. The ingenuity employed in manufacturing these vacuums is sensational.