How to Clean Berber Carpet


If you came to the point of how to clean a berber carpet, then for sure you owe one or think of buying it. Berber carpets are a great addition to your home interior. It doesn’t only look stylish and elegant, it also ensures the comfort of your feet and long-lasting usage. But only in case, you treat it right!

This type of carpets is very universal and can be used in apartments, offices as well as hotels. But two the most commonly asked questions are how to clean berber carpets and how to keep them looking fresh and stylish for a long time. We, experts, know how to answer these frequently asked questions and are keen to share this info with you. So, keep reading to find it out.

To be honest, there are dozens of methods on how to clean berber carpets. And we know how confusing it is to choose the quick and effective one. But take it easy, here are our top the most effective methods to keep your berber floors stunning.

Method 1

baking-soda-for-your-carpet Let’s start with stains removal. It usually seems very stressful and hard. Believe us or not with just water, cleaning solution and pour baking soda your carpet will shine brighter than you could even expect.

The easiest way to remove deep stains is to use cold water. Take a dry towel and blot the stain with it. It is important to avoid rubbing the spot of dirt into the carpet. Then prepare a clean white towel, slightly damp it with cold water and carefully go over the stain with it. Try to move from the outer edges of the dirt spot toward its center. This will prevent dirt from spreading. After that, take a dry towel again and blot the spot of dirt again. Repeat this action until the moment the stain is gone. Remember that scrubbing your carpet can cause the fiber fuzziness and in the end result in the carpet damage.

When the water doesn’t help, it is time to use a cleaning solution. Today’s market offers a great variety of cleaning liquids. But remember to check the warning labels regarding the toxicity of the chemicals the solution contains. They are usually really dangerous for children, allergic individuals and pets. Also, make sure that the formula is specifically created for the berber. It is better to avoid solutions that contain soap or detergent. Because they can cause a soapy residue that is very hard to get rid of. Moreover, it can spread the stain over the carpet and attract even more dirt.

So in case, you don’t have time for shopping or you are allergic or just simply don’t want to care about all warnings, create a homemade solution. For this, you need only water and a bit of vinegar. Just add vinegar to hot water, and you will be surprised with results. But before applying the prepared substance on the whole carpet area, try on a small floor part that isn’t visible. The best way is to try it out under the furniture. Because in case of damage, you can easily cover it up. Remember to use very small quantities of the solution and make sure that the carpet was very good dried after.

Baking soda is perfect in absorbing the liquid dirt from the berber carpet. To do so, take a baking soda and cover the liquid spot of the dirt. As a result of a chemical reaction, the soda balls up. Wait half a minute and then use your vac to clean up soda. Repeat this action till the moment soda doesn’t ball up.

It is important to vacuum the berber carpet straight after cleaning. So, make sure you are equipped with a good quality vac. There are dozens of nice options available on the market. Most vacuum cleaners should be safe on berber. Just avoid using motorized heads with beater bars and rotating brushes. Remember that rough vacuuming can lead to floor damage, so make sure you use slow and steady movements. This type of carpets quickly absorb water, so it is important to vacuum up any dampness.  With a good vac, you will be able to easily remove excesses water and prevent the covering from the mold. Plus, with vac, you can for sure speed up the cleaning process. We think it is a great solution to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. This will for sure help you to treat dirt, keep the berber as well as other floor covering fresh and beautiful, and to eliminate pet odors.

Method 2

If you are thinking of some professional cleaning. Here you are.

Besides a good vac, a steam cleaner will be an advantage as well. This is exactly what you need to keep your berber floors always clean and new. Steam cleaners use hot water to effectively get rid of different types of stains. They literally extract deep dirt from the carpet. We highly recommend vacuuming your carpet before steam cleaning. For an effective cleaning assure that you don’t overuse water and only go once over the area. This will prevent your covering from mold, mildew or odor.

Method 3

No doubt that you’ve never heard about this method before. Just simply prepare a dry powder and work it on the carpet. It helps to get rid of dirt by soiling out. But before doing so, we recommend vacuuming the carpet. There are different ways of how you can work the powder on the carpet. One of them is using a mechanical brush. But we prefer to do it with hands in gloves. This helps to prevent carpet from damage. Don’t leave the powder for longer than 30 min.

This method of cleaning is great for berber floorings. The powder ensures dry cleaning and prevents mold and mildew.

Method 4

Are you working hard and don’t have a type of caring about your berber carpets? Then hire a professional cleaner. This person knows what to do and how to keep your floors stunning. You can be sure that your carpet won’t be damaged as the professional knows the best ways to clean berber. Maybe this method won’t help to save money, but it will save your time and spare your nerves.

Method 5

how-clean-derber-carpet-yourselfBut the best way to keep your berber carpets always elegant, stunning and looking new is to know how to prevent stains.

First, it is important to vacuum floors on a regular basis. It effectively prevents building up of dirt. Since we are experts in this area, we highly recommend to use vacs with very strong suction and avoid using motorized brushes with beater bars and rotating brushes. And one more tip from us – vacuum dirt spot straight away after you have mentioned it. Because the deeper the stain is, the harder it is to be cleaned.

It is also important to avoid eating and drinking in the rooms with berber floorings. In addition to this, it is good to take off shoes before entering the room with berber floors. If berber covers all the floorings in the house, then we would recommend to place mats around doors and other well-trodden areas. It will keep your berber looking great over the long run.

Berber carpets are not a good idea for families with children and pets. However, if you are a parent and you already have the berber carpet here are some tips for you. Cover the carpet with additional coverage in the area where your children play most of the time. You can use big size rugs, blankets or towels. It is sad that with pets, you can’t be just sure where they will play. So it’s good to cut the pets’ hair regularly and also keep their claws trimmed. Try to use a vac on a daily basis.  Between, vinegar and baking soda work great to clean up the pet urine stain. It also helps to tackle the after smell in your carpet.  There are also a lot of products available in pet stores. They are meant to effectively remove urine stains and odor from your carpet.

Never wait before cleaning up spills. If you once spill the water or juice, make sure you clean it up before the substance goes deeply in the carpet. It is important to keep in mind, that oily substances are very easily absorbed by berber. As you can see, speed is really important when the stain occurs. The faster you react to the dirt spot, the easier it is to clean it up.

To sum up, it is always better to do your best to keep your floors clean and looking good instead of trying to get rid of already very deeply embedded dirt. Don’t worry if it is a bit too late for preventive routine, there are several methods that are super effective in cleaning stains from berber. Removal with water, baking soda, vinegar, drying powder, or simply with a vac or steam cleaner. Just choose the one that will work best for you!