Sebo Vacuum Reviews: Airbelt D4 Premium 90640AM, Automatic X5

The purchasing the perfect vacuum cleaner is also not an easy task. To make the task easier, it is important to get the right model for you.

Should you purchase a cylindrical or upright, bagged or bagless?

A big question keeps boggling the mind. Here we are with reviews of two great models by Sebo for your home needs, one is Sebo canister vacuum – Airbelt D4, and one is Sebo upright vacuum cleaner – Automatic X5.

AIRBELT D4 Premium 90640AM

01. SEBO 90640AM Airbelt D4 Premium Canister Vacuum with ET-1 Powerhead

The ultra-quiet AIRBELT D4 comes with the easiness through the 40-foot long cord along with cleaning radius of 50 foot. The ergonomically made handle with easy to use suction adjustment switch, quick release connection with durable telescopic tube and full bag clog indicator provides the effortless control of the machine. Maneuverability is symbolic characteristic with Sebo vacuum, where the machine is assembled with D4 tapered hose, 320-degree rotating canister offering improved airflow and soft bumper to protect from scratches.


  • The choice of two powerhead ET-1 and ET-2, with four level brush adjustment, and manual brush shut off. The machine has auto shut off feature upon facing brush obstructions, and light indicator to warn for removal of brush roller and inability of optimal cleaning.
  • A 40 ft power cord and 50 ft cleaning radius provide ease to operate with 1.5-gallon huge filter bag, 320-degree movable hose to canister connection, LED suction efficiency indicator, and adjustable suction switch on the handle.
  • Integrated crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, and dusting brush come additionally.
  • AIRBELT’s D4 filtration system with S-class Exhaust Microfilters

Pros and Cons:

  • Ergonomically designed handle with suction adjustment switch is fine for the people with bad backs
  • Economical with 1.5-gallon huge filter bag, offering less bag replacement
  • Easy to park and convenient to move/handle/clean with low profile power handle for cleaning at the congested place under sofa, bed etc


Less expensive, self-propelled, and impressive suction with a toggle switch on the handle, the Sebo vacuums are well built, yet easy to carry and clean with 40 ft cord.

Automatic X5

02. SEBO 9587AM Automatic X5 Upright Vacuum

For shaggy rugs and the rooms with huge carpets, the upright vacuum cleaner is super effective, easy to handle and pretty efficient with its brush bar, wider cleaning head. The Sebo Automatic X5, the breeze around the floor-sweeping a larger area in one go. The Sebo vacuum cleaner comes with an electronic controller that senses the resistance to roller and adjusts the power head up or down for optimum cleaning over carpet and floors. Plus, the warning system is an additional feature of the Sebo vacuum which alerts for the full bag, brush obstructions, clogs and automatically shuts off to protect from damage. The Automatic X5 Sebo Vacuum is 15 inches wide and offers the cleaning path of 14.5 inches with two-side edge cleaning.


  • Automatic Powerhead adjustment ensures optimum cleaning of both carpet and floors, while the sealing strip behind the brush works efficiently over the hard floor.
  • Perfectly accompanying, an instant suction hose is available for hard to reach corners and crevices.
  • Automatic shut off feature for brush obstruction, worn bristles, full bag, clog in airflow and dirty microfilter. The red light switches on when an obstruction is there and jams the brush roller, which immediately stops roller from spinning and save the carpet and motor from damage.
  • 1.4-gallon large filter bag, three onboard tools and 40 ft long cord to cover the larger area.

Pros and Cons:

  • 40 ft long cord, and automatic power head adjustment for easier cleaning under furniture and perfect for removing entangles hairs in rugs
  • Strong suction and powerful filtration system
  • Simple design
  • 5.5 inch lower profile eases the cleaning by lowering the handle parallel to the floor, while brush, clog removal door, sealing strip is in easy access
  • Short hose


Best model in its range with powerful filtration system, and easy to use design. Though Sebo Vacuum hose is short but does not come over other features. This upright vacuum is perfect for shaggy rugs.