Sirena Vacuum Reviews


Sirena 2 Speed Water Filtration Vacuum

Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.5 Stars
(31 Reviews)


  • Works as an air purifier.
  • Very powerful.
  • Superb customer service.


  • Quite bulky and heavy.
  • Rather noisy, even at low power.

This 2 speed vacuum cleaner by Sirena can become a great addition to your cleaning equipment. Featuring an effective water filtration system, this model works as both a vacuum and an air purifier.

It can also aromatize and humidify the air in your home. Featuring a powerful 1200-Watt motor, this model can handle various surfaces and debris, including pet hair.

Who It’s For

This is an ideal option for people who need a powerful vacuum cleaner to use on both carpets and hard floors and don’t mind using a rather bulky machine.

It’s also a great variant for allergy-prone people since this model purifies the air, getting rid of the dust, hair, and other bits that might float in the air.


You can set this water vacuum cleaner on the lower power mode and use it as an air purifier. It will cycle the air through the water and trap the dust in it, making the air in your home fresher.

This is a rather powerful model with a strong suction. You can use it on carpets and it will deal with them just fine. It’s also suitable for pet hair and larger debris.

Another cool thing we love is the customer service the company offers. If you ever have any questions or face some issues, the company representative will help you deal with them fast while staying professional and friendly.


What might disappoint you is the weight of this machine. This is a rather bulky model, so moving it around might be quite tiresome, especially on carpets.

Another aspect you should take into consideration is the noise it produces. Even when being used at the lower speed (as an air purifier), it makes a noticeable sound, which might annoy some users.

Our Verdict

This vacuum cleaner by Sirena is rather impressive. Being very powerful, it can deal with different debris type. If you don’t mind it being noisy and bulky, you are definitely going to enjoy using this cleaner.

Vacuum w/Power Nozzle and Rainbow E2 Fragrance

Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(39 Reviews)


  • Strong suction.Super effective water purifying.
  • Maintains the same suction strength.


  • Big and heavy.
  • Some of the plastic parts might break easily if not handled carefully.

Featuring a water-based HEPA filter, this Sirena vacuum does a great job cleaning different surfaces and purifying the air in your home. This model comes with all the necessary accessories, including 2 hoses, floor turbo brush, and 5 others nozzles.

Who It’s For

This cleaner is a great option for people who have both carpets and hard floors in their home. Since this is a rather powerful model, there’s no point in buying it specifically for bare floors only.

It’s also great for people who suffer from allergic reactions or have some breathing issues. Using this machine to purify the air might help you relieve the symptoms.


This is one of the most powerful Sirena vacuums on the market. This model has a very strong suction, which can deal even with thick carpets, large debris, and long pet hairs.

Moreover, the suction strength remains stable throughout the cleaner’s operation. Even after some time of intensive cleaning, the machine still picks up the debris effectively.

Finally, it offers great purifying properties. When emptying and washing the water tank, you will see a crazy amount of dirt it has collected. You might also notice that the air in your home feels fresher, which is another great bonus.


When buying this vacuum, prepare to deal with its size. This is a heavy and bulky model, which might be quite hard to push around when cleaning.

Also, some customer reviews describe the durability issues. Some of the plastic parts are not that durable (for instance, the water bowl and the plastic brackets that hold it), which means you should handle them carefully.

Our Verdict

Despite some small drawbacks, this Sirena cleaner and air purifier can become the most frequently used item in your home, especially if you are prone to allergies or have furry pets.

Sirena Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Bunn Sirena Vacuum w Water Filtration
Amazon’s Consumer Ratings: 4.0 Stars
(12 Reviews)


  • Well-made.
  • Comes with many accessories suitable for different surfaces.
  • Offers great suction all the way.


  • Not suitable for a quick pick-and-go cleaning.
  • Might be challenging to assemble.

Featuring a washable HEPA filter and a water-based cleaning system, this edition of Sirena vacuums offers a versatile and effective use. Because it doesn’t have a dust cup or a bag, it won’t clog, which means an easier usage.

When used in a quiet mode, this vacuum works as an air purifier, cleaning your home from odors, dust, flying pet hairs, etc. You can also add some essential oils to the water in order to aromatize your house.

Who It’s For

This is a perfect option for someone who needs a very substantial cleaning. This powerful model is great for heavy dust and debris. It is also great for allergy-prone people since it cleans the air so well.


What we cannot omit in our review is talking about how powerful this model is. It picks up dust, hairs, debris, dirt, sand, and even small food bits.

This cleaner is also very nicely made. It’s the heavy-duty model, which can handle intensive and prolonged use.

Finally, you might be impressed by the number of accessories it comes with. They make it suitable for multiple surfaces, including ceiling fans, furniture, windows, car salons, and more.


Being rather bulky, this model isn’t suitable for a quick grab-and-go cleaning. It requires more time and effort than its smaller portable relatives.

Also, keep in mind that this machine is rather complex. It has many parts, which might be quite challenging to assemble. Thankfully, the vacuum comes with a DVD that explains the assembly process.

Our Verdict

This is an impressively powerful and effective vacuum cleaner. It can handle almost anything, so if your home requires a particularly thorough cleaning, this model is the one to go with.